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Radar Rat Race RPG vs. no_shot
Radar Rat Race RPG
Download: 39 KB
Play Time: 1 hours and 10 minutes
Review # 1 for no_shot
Them's Fightin' Words
    At a first glance, Radar Rat Race seemed to be little more than a half-baked, laughable attempt at a game. The game's author, Komera, even bashes it in her description by calling it a "screw around file". The game's graphics, at a first glance, are crudely cartoonish and homely at best. However, the appearance is merely outward...within the rough lies a beautiful diamond. Yes, a beautiful diamond indeed. Radar Rat Race is the kind of game you'd never tire of playing, keeps you wanting more, and that disappoints you by leaving you hanging, in ways matched only by professional children's book illustrators, just when things start to really get interesting.
    The graphics, albeit cartoonish, are astonishingly well done. The graphics create a mood that fits the game's theme well, and that immerses you in the goings on. In fact, they almost look like they were done by...a professional children's book illustrator!


*dodges fruit
    The story line was brilliant, exciting, and...true. Radar's character represents the true hero that shines among mere rats running rat-race lives, despite mimicing them in appearance and behavior. The plot is straightforward and gets rolling right from the fade-in, and doesn't stop until you find out that "Raymond" doesn't exist.  
    The gameplay is simple and straightforward, once you have it figured out. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to open doors...and another collective 20 minutes opening doors throughout the game...and yet another 15 minutes before I found out that all the doors in the upstairs hallway actually go nowhere. Exploring, searching, and talking to other rat-people constantly is essentially the point of the game.  
    Other than the snotty mice that infest the corridors of the maze compound, who make cold remarks at you every chance they can but don't actually attack you physically, there are no enemies but yourself. If you mistakenly think you can access the menu and not die, or hit the Ctrl button accidentally, and then hit it again, it's game over. There is no escaping the almighty menu. There is no defeating the almighty menu.  
  Map Design
    The maps are well designed and simple, but are repetitive, and therefore are easy to get lost in. There are basically corridors and rooms that make up a sort of compound, which is supposed to be the control rooms/locker rooms/barracks of the "maze", which we never get to see, where all the rat-citizens that live there are daily forced to run for the entertainment of the wealthy class for a pitiful amount of food/wages. Much like real life. It becomes clear as you play what the various wall panels do.  
    The game stays consistent from beginning to...end, with its goal of basically talking/checking stuff constantly. The hero is put at no unfair disadvantages, nor is he unchallenged. It's hard to judge the balance of a game that has no battles, but all in all it was a fair game.  
    The song that was used for the main walkabout theme was one that came with the OHR. It was fittingly placed, but it just seemed to drone on after a while. The title music was original, though, and nicely done! It fit the theme (you'll see what I mean).  
    I very much enjoyed this game. It is straightforward, challenging, yet not mind-bogglingly difficult to figure out.  
Final Blows
    I didn't think it was going to be much of a game, but even after only 5 minutes of playing it, I didn't want to stop. Overall, the game was well designed and fluid.

Final Scores
Graphics: 9.5/10.0
Aesthetically pleasing, and befitting. Knowing that they could've been better causes me to deduct.
Storyline: 7.5/10.0
The story line was great, but it loses major points for...not leaving you hanging, but rather sending you flying off the edge into the abyss. I guess you could say I was warned...but still!
Gameplay: 9.5/10.0
Of all the OHRRPGCE games I've played, this one held my attention most, gave me the least frustration (aside from the menu thing), and is the one I want to play more of. It would be hard to fit battles in with this kind of a game, but I'd like to see them anyways.
Music: 8/10.0
I don't enjoy the music that comes with the ohrrpgce, but it's better than no music at all. The title music was cool, though.
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
I enjoyed it! I can only imagine what couldv'e taken place if you were able to get to "Raymond" though! This left me wondering...
Overall Grade: A
Final Thoughts
    I want to see more of this...or a sequel...or something. Maybe I'm really satisfied with the way it is, but I was so impressed with it I think I'm actually not. I just wish it hadn't been so short!  

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