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OHRadius vs. junahu
OHRadius You have to advance this text box manually before you can move again. But you can still gun the boss down by ramming Z. Why?
Download: 439 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 25 minutes
Review # 2 for junahu You have to advance this text box manually before you can move again. But you can still gun the boss down by ramming Z. Why?
Them's Fightin' Words
    OHR radius.
Why do people add OHR to their game names? Are they trying to make the game seem more official or are they merely communicating the fact that the game exists commercially? One thing is for certain though. OHR does not guarantee quality. In fact, it seems to ensure a lack of it. If you ever wanted proof of this, just play OHR Radius and see.
    Pleasant and reasonable througout. Hardly a good way to kick start a bad review is it? They're suitable for what it's trying to emulate so I can't nit pick for 'a lack of detail' or whatnot. However the backgrounds are boring and bland and the enemies are quite loathsome (Half the time you won't know what they're trying to be). On one of the levels I could see (not see?) parts of the corners were missing which completely spoiled the level's mood for me. Still the graphics are very nice

    There is no story line so I cannot comment
    I guess this is where I explain what the game is actually about. It's a side scrolling space shooter. You pilot your craft and blast things to kingdom come. Enemies float lazily across the screen, asking to be killed. A 'boss' periodically interupts your journey from left to right. Each level is a different planet, or different areas of the same planet. And that's it.
    Combating the enemies is hardly difficult. You shoot them, they don't shoot back or do anything at all to try to hinder or kill you. That's right! NOTHING AT ALL! NOT EVEN THE 'BOSSES'! All the enemies do is float across the screen on a kamikaze mission to end their own pathetic lives. Not only that, but it isn't even fun shooting them. Thanks to some atrocious plotscripting (absolutely gutwrenchingly horrendous), shots nowhere near the enemy can kill them (and shots right into the enemy can end up doing nothing). Moving is painful (You have to move to keep up with the screen for Pete's sake!). You use the num pad (which I don't have on my key board, thank you very much) to move in 8
directions, not that you'll ever need to use most of the directions at all.
  Map Design
    Stupid. Thanks again to the derisory plotscripting, you can never be sure whether your next move will take you into one of the game's 'walls'. Crashing into one means instant death AND gameover so watch out. The maps themselves aren't very well laid out either. One level leads right into a dead end, which you'll try to pass and end up crashing, and another gives you multiple routes, two of which lead to dead ends. One level even put the lasers to the top of the screen when they hit an enemy
    Balance? This barely qualifies as a game at all. The hardest part of the game is at the beginning when you don't know where the heck your ship is (Thanks again to the abysmal plotscripts)
    Holst was a composer. His most famous work was 'the planets'. Each planet (known at the period, except earth) was dedicated an orcastrated piece and a persona. For example, mars was the bringer of war. Holst is dead and not a lot of people care that much about the preservation of his work. But 'the planets' lives on through crappy bam music in OHR Radius. At first it was nice to hear from 'the planets'(I believe it was neptune but I could be wrong since I don't
have a list of piece names at hand) but not only did the creator insist on cramming as much of the planets into this game as possible, he didn't even get it right sometimes. The fire level did not have the mars piece! Look, I know mars is in fact a cold planet, but it's red, the colour of aggression (If feelings had colours). 'mars bringer of war' is always paired with a firey level. It's like an unwritten law of music conduct.

boss music was nice though
    Ironically, it was actually pretty fun. It was rubbish, stupid, idiotic, retarded, lame, repetetive and just plain awful, but the game does ammuse which is the point of any game I suppose.
Final Blows
    To put a blunt label on this game...

'The worst use of plotscripting ever'. Inexcusable sloppy code regardless of production time or purpose.
Seriously, this guy expected a subtraction of commands that only give integers would return a decimal. He then checked the direction of an npc that only ever faced EAST. And while(true)? Why?
What's the point of dodging these flames. They don't DO anything

What's the point of dodging these flames. They don't DO anything
Final Scores
Graphics: 6.5/10.0
good, very nice, lovely sometimes. Some lazy enemy design and some 'grid' are the flies in the ointment here
Storyline: 5/10.0
Gameplay: 2/10.0
People can perform miracles in under 528 hours. Fenrir created a global catastrophy
Music: 4.5/10.0
Holst, Holst and more Holst. If you don't know who he is then ignore this comment and give the score a boost.
Enjoyment: 7.5/10.0
I actually enjoyed finding all the glitches. Some of them are actually funny (example. there is an npc that walks along dragging the camera with it. It also controls when the game thinks you are not on the screen. At the end of the second level the npc keeps walking and drags you and the screen boundries with it)
Overall Grade: D
Final Thoughts
    Consider this if you can derive enjoyment from boring repetetive tasks that lack conflict of any sort (correction, mutual conflict of any sort)  

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