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OHRadius vs. RedMaverickZero
OHRadius A very elegant and great looking title screen.
Download: 439 KB
Play Time: hours and 10+ minutes
Review # 25 for RedMaverickZero A very elegant and great looking title screen.
Them's Fightin' Words
    For the first annual 528 Hour contest there were many entries. Some blew the competition out of the water with humor and other things. Other games showed great plotscripting skill in areas not many people have yet seen. However, this game seems to offer all the qualities of a good game and more. With it's sidescrolling abilities, and the unique features of shooting three lasers to blast up your foes.
    Fenrir Lunaris is one of the best people I know in this area. And even if the rest of one of his games were complete crap, the graphics wouldn't. He takes his time and adds the most detail imaginable.

First of all, for the ship you fly around. It actually moves like a ship should fly. When it goes upwards to the top of the screen it flys in just the precise angle to make it look like the air or space is pushing against it to show the flight movement. The moving angles were only the beginning of the beauty.

I was playing the first level, and I must admit, it was a lil boring at first. Because when I first got the file from Fenrir, it was horribly buggy and not just because of scripts... Haha. Bad pun. Anyways, after the first level of the final game I was a lil more impressed. And then I reached level two. My jaw literally dropped. It was cool. My buddy BenJi and I thought we were stuck on the Earth for the whole game but turns out we weren't. We had lift off and went to outer space. And the graphics for that particular level were simply astonishing. I nearly pissed myself when I saw three metroids fly out of the icy walls. But if you want to get technical, Metroids don't belong in ice because they're weak to it. Anyways, it was indeed really cool to see such a wide variety of enimies and such. The maptiles were drawn with the utmost detail too. In the hellish looking level, fire moved around and flickered. All of these things and more built up all the great graphical detail of this game. And it really pulled the game together and made it look super cool!
    A story wasn't really needed for this kinda game. Although the whole introduction thing was rather interesting for this genre of game... DER SLIME FREAKID ME OUT!!! EYAH! Haha.  
    HOLY CRAP! When I first loaded up the OHR and I played some of the games others made I thought I was a complete novice to the system. Wandering Hamster encouraged me to keep making games with unique stories and all kinds of unique things. And only until recently did I start getting the hang of minor plotscripting.

From what I know, Fen has been around the block a few times with the OHR. Making several games and they have all been fairly long and entertaining. But this is the most addicting of all of his games I'd say. It's fun, and there's so many things you can do and see. First of all, you have the unique graphics which adds to the gameplay and makes it more enjoyable. But you get to shoot three thin laser shots. Not one, not two, that's right, I said three. And they look really cool too. And bosses don't really do much to you. It's only the walls and such that really kill ya. If not for miscalculation on walls, this game would be a breeze to beat. Which I guess this is a good and bad thing, all at the same time. Enimies don't really do much for anything. I mean in one particular fight, I was up against the metroids and the boss. The metroids did nothing to me but get in the way. Shouldn't they have at least attacked me? I mean they are crazy aliens. But I was dissapointed to see Metroids and not see Samus's ship fly by. I mean, you can't put metroids without the ole intergalactic bounty hunter right?

Alright, that was what I would call the good stuff. Now for the bad. The engine used to make this game was very unique indeed. But was it bugproof? No. There were tons of bugs. Several times I would go to start up a new game and I wouldn't even see my lil spaceship without holding down the right arrow key. And then sometimes the game would freeze up on me. I mean, how freaking lame is to be blasting up a boss and then out of nowhere the game freezes on you. I didn't mind the introduction bug, but when I got pretty far and had to start all over because of a stupid bug, that's where I got a lil angry. Other than that, the game is fine Gameplay wise.
    The battles were mostly dogfights to say the least. And they weren't even really that. It was just shooting and hoping you made your shot. The only real battle was knowing which maptiles had a setting of WALL and which would make your ship, to quote the ole StrongBad "ASPLODE!!!". This was kinda a big thing. I mean, what's great about flying around in outerspace without the whole atomsphere of enemy ships trying to shoot you down?! Although based off enemy design, there wasn't a big need for the lasers from opponents. Mostly bosses.  
  Map Design
    Maps weren't exactly big. Which with a screen that constantly moves it helps to have a big map to move around and strategically move about. The maps although definitely had a lot of thought put into what was done. The graphics backed up the map design 100% too. I mean, the gameplay was nice. But for instance, on my Mr.Triangle's Maze Madness I have been told I brought good gameplay to the OHR in it. Yet, the graphics were awful. This game makes up for my flaw in Maze Madness. As the graphics don't hinder anything at all. My only real complaint about the maps were the lack of length. If every map were increased by maybe 100 points horizontally you could incorporate more gameplay and more strategy. But if Fenrir does expand this game, hopefully he will take into account the shortness of the levels and maybe even change that. Although it's just a neat thing to see. I realize this is the wrong subject to write this about, but maybe Fenrir could make something similar to my Maze Madness game in the saving respect. Like every 5 levels or whatever he'd want, your spaceship could dock into a big ship carrier and you can walk outta your ship and save. That would definitely increase the appeal to anyone who likes this game.  
    The levels are balanced. They start out easy, and slowly progress to become gradually harder. That's a good thing in my book. Because, when playing some of the games, I tend to play as if I do not understand anything about OHR. In doing this, I notice little things like how things are harder at certain points than others. This sets a mood for the game and alters the gameplay severlly. Because balance and gameplay are like peanut butter and jelly. One by itself is only half as good as the other. And when making a sandwich it's not as good without the other. When the two are combined, it's a sensational thing. You could call this game a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich based off what I just described.  
    My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area. Although I heard the midi form of the music I was told was in the game. And although I haven't experienced OHRRadius with that sound, I think it is still a rather good tune. I still can't judge based off a midi. Sorry guys.  
    I enjoyed writing the review. And I enjoyed playing the game. So this game is as said one of my now immediate favorites that I am holding onto. With it's awesome gameplay and awesome graphics it really is a whole new experience for any diehard OHR user or gamer. If you were to download this game you wouldn't regret it. It's pretty high quality and pretty fun all in general.  
Final Blows
    As mentioned, one of my concerns for the game is not seeing Samus Aran or her ship fly by. Hehe. Anyways this is a great game. And I hope Fen makes a full length game with more of a storyline to support this great great game. If this review is submitted after the contest then that's for the best because no need to have a biased opinion for a contest. Well, this game may not deserve first place, but it definitely deserves a lot of respect for what Fenrir, and some minor help from Worthy, has brought to this game.

Fixing those bugs oughta be no problem with such good plotscripters nowadays. And if we are lucky enough we might just see a full length game out of this with tons of levels and super cool bosses (THAT SHOOT BACK!)
Maybe I'm a Metroid nerd, but aren't metroids weak to ice?

Maybe I'm a Metroid nerd, but aren't metroids weak to ice?
Final Scores
Graphics: 10/10.0
Fenrir's graphics are 9/10 always good. Need I say more?
Storyline: 2/10.0
None needed. Although it could have better suited the atmosphere. And answered the almighty question "WHY?!"
Gameplay: 9.5/10.0
Wow. I gotta say it again. Wow. 528 Hours and you've created a very nice and spiffy sidescrolling game. Wiz was right when he said the 528 Hour Contest shot out games that completely outdid themselves in terms of plotscripting. And this game is one of the best examples of that.
Music: 1/10.0
My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area.
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
Fun fun fun! And there's tons of stuff you wouldn't have expected. Metroids, slimes, toliets of doom! OHRradius has it all!
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    Fixing those bugs oughta be no problem with such good plotscripters nowadays. And if we are lucky enough we might just see a full length game out of this with tons of levels and super cool bosses (THAT SHOOT BACK!)  

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