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        AW - Unsettling Theme by Rimudora
        Bob the Gangsta by 8bit
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        Classical Dream by Setu_Firestorm
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An IMD Anthology vs. Shadowiii
An IMD Anthology Bullwinkle ain't got NOTTIN on this guy.
Rolling Stone
Download: 857 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 10 max minutes
Review # 26 for Shadowiii Bullwinkle ain't got NOTTIN on this guy.
Them's Fightin' Words
    Ah, three classic Gilbert games in one, affordible, collector's item pack. Gilbert has always astounded me at his ability to make really stupid, short OHR games that actually end up being really awesome, and this three-pack stands in delivers in most of them. Basically it is three "games" (two of which are OHR Movies), involving Elvis, Sigmar the, Zombies, Batman, Crocodile Dundee, Dan a store owner, and mild pr0n. The result? Intense stupidity everyone will love. Maybe.
    The graphics are actually not that bad. Taking a hint from JSH's review, I'm going to review each game individually.

IMD:DC - Overall, above average. The graphics in the Batman scene are quite good, as well as Elvis' hero graphic. The battle backdrop is very bizzare, to say the least. Other then that, the graphics are around OHR average, though there is nothing seriously wrong with them. Croc. Dundee's graphics are very well done, as well as the 'gators he knifes. Not bad. The cutscenes are very well done, though. It definaly boots this collection's overall score.

IMD XMAS ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST - Uh...better graphics then most of IMD:DC, but other then that nothing special. The bromide is...uh...well imported?

SIGMAR - Besides the fact that Sigmar's NPC is in the upper left hand corner, the graphics are still not all bad. The animations are good, though the NPC's are rather shoddy. Decent, to say the most.
    IMD:DC - A weird mixture of Batman feeling down, Elvis beating the crap out of zombies, Croc. Dundee beating the crap out of...crocs, and...wait, that's it. For what it is worth, it is pretty funny. Though there isn't a story, dialogue is humerous.

IMDXMAS - Er...dancing zombies and Elvis murdered Santa and stole his sleigh. And a bromide. No story at all.

SIGMAR - I'd tell you, but it would spoil it. It appears to be politically aimed (how Sigmar has the UK's flag on him), and it does a decent point of convaying...something. But it is just thirty seconds long, so don't expect anying amazingly stunning.
    HA HA...oh wait, there is some battles. Elvis fights zombies in IMD:DC, and Croc Dundee knifes Crocs. They aren't hard, just hold down the space bar, stupid.  
  Map Design
    Elvis map is straightforward. Croc Dundee map can be hard if you are an idiot, but you probably can figure it out. The maps just are.  
    Easy. Remember: these are really "movies."  
    IMD:DC - Ha ha, well picked and placed, I rather liked them.

IMDXMAS - Urg, just one song, and it is...just a song. It comes with the OHR. Nothing special here.

SIGMAR - Two songs, classical pieces that come with the engine. Though one would argue they don't fit, I though them rather funny. Fur Elise playing when Sigmar...does his stuff is pretty funny, he he.
    IMD: DC - 8/10 Dumb game, yes. Funny? Yes. I had a fun time playing it, and I laughed quite a bit as well. Heh, what a stupid game. Sure, it is five minutes, but it was a good five minutes.

IMDXMAN - 3/10 Urg, I didn't like this, though the, bromide was decent. The bromide was probably the best thing in it, to be honest, and that isn't saying much. Dancing zombies aren't my thing I guess.

SIGMAR - 6/10. He he, it is really funny, yet again, basically pointless. I got a decent laugh out of it, which means it did what it was supossed to do. It also provided a nice touch on the Soviet Union in the 1950s, which was funny too. Nice work.
Final Blows
    IMD:DC - A great few minutes. Pure stupidity, insanity, and hilarity. I loved it. XD

IMDXMAS - Urg, the worst of the bunch, but still ok. The bromide saved it, I suppose. The dancing zombies were just...dancing zombies.

SIGMAR - Very good job, probably tied with IMD:DC in terms of fun and overall quality. It would be neat to see Gilbert make a bunch of political OHR movies, but then it would ruin the fact that there are so few of them...oh well.

I'll recommend this. It isn't bad. Get it and have a few fun minutes.
OMFG pr0n!!!

OMFG pr0n!!!
Final Scores
Graphics: 6.5/10.0
IMD:DC has great NPC's and Tilemaps, as does IMDXMAS. Sigard is decent. Overall, above average.
Storyline: 2/10.0
None for IMD:DC and IMDXMAS, but Sigmar's is ratherh good. Consider it 2/3.3 (with IMD:DC and IMDXMAS each getting 0/3.3)
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
Overly easy. There isn't really SUPOSSED to be gameplay, so don't even bother with the score.
Music: 5/10.0
Not bad. It isn't ripped from anything, to the best of my knowledge. It fits, which is what music is basically supossed to do.
Enjoyment: 8/10.0
I had fun, but then again, I can be pretty stupid at times. You'll probably enjoy it. If you don't, write a review and tell me how much you hated it. But I had fun, so neh neh neh. :P
Overall Grade: B-
Final Thoughts
    Buy now, before supplies run out! The special collectors edition features...well, three games. Sure they are all stupid, but they are certainly funny enough to merit a download. What are you waiting for? Get it!  

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