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Walthros - A Look Back

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The Wobbler

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 10:22 am    Post subject: Walthros - A Look Back Reply with quote

Once I get settled into my new apartment, I am going to work on a retrospective look at Walthros. I feel that this will benefit me as a game maker, and might be of interest to other users. Here's a couple of short paragraphs regarding the game that I wrote for my website over a year ago.

"Walthros was a project I started in 1999 using the OHR RPG Creation Engine and finally finished in the summer of 2002. Its early form, entitled Sky Flyers, beared little resemblance to the finished product, though it contained similar characters and settings. The original game was never released in any form, but in June of 2000, a demo of a remake entitled Walthros was posted on my old AOL site. The new game was made to be more serious, and featured marginally improved graphics and used classical music I'd converted from MIDIs rather than the audio files included in the engine. I probably would have been better off sticking with the OHR audio files, since everyone who played the game seemed to hate the music I selected.

It took until August of 2002 to finally finish Walthros. While the game is complete, I was never satisfied with how some things turned out. The final events were rushed, and I felt the ending was not as satisfactory as it could have been. A few people have asked, but no, I will not be adding anything else to the game. The form which is available now is the final version, and no further modifications will be made. I feel my time would be better spent working on new projects, which may or may not ever be completed. I have no plans for a sequel at this time, but am still working on Mercenaries, a side-story in the Walthros universe. "

Of course, some of the information here is a lie. I am no longer working on Mercenaries, and I DID update the original Walthros since writting that by modifying some in game stats, most importantly character speed. The game ran great and battles felt good on my really old Win 95 machine at the original speed, but replaying the game on a newer computer amazed me. It was unbearable! It took forever for attack guages to fill up! I hadn't noticed this before because the problem wasn't there for me. Now that it's been changed, we have a much stronger product.

I also changed a lot of Walrus Man's dialog.

lol george lucas
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