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Progress, Playtesters?

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 5:08 pm    Post subject: Progress, Playtesters? Reply with quote

I have not been able to work on my latest project for nearly a month because of work and school, but I'm finally starting to get used to my schedule, so progress will be resuming tommorow.

Today I designed a few enemies and worked out some more scenes in the game between classes; tommorow I will finish up some more stuff and should be caught up to where I am in my design document. (The way I'm making the game is, I have the 'skeleton' finished on paper. I work out one 'chapter' at a time, first on paper to collect my thoughts, then in the game) TFQ is almost entirely linear, so a lot of the battle balance comes from knowing where the player will probably be experience-wise at the start of each battle.

Graphics are pretty bad but I'm not spending any more time on them than I must. I've accepted that they aren't my strong suit and will not resort to being a false jack-of-all-trades.

For music I've been using placeholders that are purposefully bad. (so I'll replace them) I was planning on hiring a musician, but my family is suffering a financial crisis at the moment, so it'll be up to the PD this time.

Now, I'm considering getting some playtesters. When I get to about the 50% mark on Episode One, I'll make my final decision there. If you're interested, please reply with a reason I should choose you. Currently I'm approx. 31% done (aside from some early graphics) with the first demo and about 40% done with the planning.

Hooray, a game post. This was fun.
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