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PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:07 pm    Post subject: HAPPY HOLIDAYS Reply with quote

Because it's no longer PC to say just one holiday, especially in the presence of such diversity, I want to wish everyone a happy holidays. Happy
Whatever you celebrate, I want to wish you and yours a good day and a prosperous new year. I should hope many people here don't have to work this day, because we all deserve a day off. Mingle with family, chat, play games, have a great time.
I won't say much about my own holiday experience so far this year, suffice to say that I have had multiple parties and it's been really great.
Money is always tight this time of year, however, and I hope that everyone is doing alright out there. Yes, I mean it's been tight for me as well. I'm not a rich person. Thank God I have so many supportive relatives.

Anyway, before I start to ramble, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, to one and all!
Planning Project Blood Summons, an MMORPG which will incinerate all of the others with it's sheer brilliance...

---msw188 ---
"Seriously James, you keep rolling out the awesome like gingerbread men on a horror-movie assembly line. "
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