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Shackles 'N' Chains

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:38 pm    Post subject: Shackles 'N' Chains Reply with quote

Every artist's worst nightmare is being held back by certain outside events.
Everyone has their own battles to fight.
For me it's no different.

First off, there is the matter of where I am going to live. I have been searching for a place to call home for five wretched months and every place I find is too damn expensive or won't let me in because they want all sorts of verification (the biggest problem is paycheck stubs, which are a pain to keep around). My current living arrangement is about to be cut off, as is the internet, unless I can convince someone to wait until I am out before canceling it.

Next, there is school. Even though I only have one class left, it's not a very easy one. Public Speaking has never been a forte of mine, but it's not the speeches I have trouble with. It's the little assignments my teacher keeps burying us with. Being a member of Toastmasters helps a lot, though. Thank God this is my last class until graduation.

Obviously I have a little free time. I will play test games and compose the occasional song. I wanted to break the ice and to share my personal battle with everyone.
Planning Project Blood Summons, an MMORPG which will incinerate all of the others with it's sheer brilliance...

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"Seriously James, you keep rolling out the awesome like gingerbread men on a horror-movie assembly line. "
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