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History of Fate of Nights series.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:02 pm    Post subject: History of Fate of Nights series. Reply with quote

Hi everyone. This is a timeline I created to elaborate on the screwed up history of the only OHR game Ive really put work into, just in case anyone was wondering.

1993-Inspired by Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana from maps in Nintendo Power issues, and a brief stint with Ys 3: The Wanderers from Ys, a rough game design was compiled. The game ,'Edel's Quest', was originally an adventure game(zelda/seiken style) consisted of these elements:
-The hero, Edel, has his father kidnapped and must wield the ancient sword to defeat Evil, the master of monsters unleashed on the Four Islands
-The ancient sword must be blessed by the angel Rotta in order to slay Evil
-Rotta's treasures had to be collected in order for the safe return of Edel's father.
-The majority of monsters consisted of mutated eyeball creatures.
The original plans are kept archived for nostalgia purposes.

1999--Discovers OHRRPGCE after delving for RPGmaker95 (influenced by the newfound ROM addiction to RPG Dante 2). Did not use OHR due to stipulated 4 map limit but kept watch.

Summer 1999 - After the 4 map limit was removed, archived plans are dug up and remanaged for use with OHR. After several redesigns and conceptual overhauls, the game was produced and titled 'Treasure Quest'. The game was never publicly released.

1999-2000 - Work begins on 'Treasure Quest 2'. Early in production modifications were made to the original universe. After much consideration the series was renamed to 'Fate of Nights'. 'Fate of Nights 2' was suddenly halted ~40% into production. The original Treasure Quest plans are revamped and again overhauled. Production of 'Fate of Nights' begins in Summer 2000.

Fall 2000
- Fate of Nights is 97% completed. Production was halted after high school starts.

Summer 2001
- Dissatisfied by Fate of Nights from retrospect, production was never continued. Work began on a new project originally called 'Bad Adventure' (later renamed 'Vicious Infinity'). Due to an unrelenting schedule less than 2% of Bad Adventure was produced.

Summer 2003 - Plans for Fate of Nights conceptual universe was almost entirely overhauled and reenvisioned. Work begins on 'Fate of Nights: Tale Revelation'. Due to what I call the 'Iomega Travesty', almost-fully completed Enemy graphics and mid-produced Attack graphics were completely lost in the main Zip disk storage. Backups were not updated and only Enemy graphics were restored. Production was completely bunked.

Summer 2005
- 'Fate of Nights- Verse 2: Tale Revelation' is replanned again, with several modifications. Production begins late July 2005.
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