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WANTED: Map Directors, Spriters

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:57 pm    Post subject: WANTED: Map Directors, Spriters Reply with quote

Okay, I'm working on my games again, and I'm looking at the plans for the maps and it's, like, no design elements whatsoever. I can put the maps together in the engine and plug in events and whatnot, but the maps that I make all look like rejected Pokemon towns.

Anyone who remembers the travesty that was "Descendants of Zelda: Sour Dreams" will know what I mean.

SO: Here's my first request. I would like someone who can plan maps (and ideally make maptiles as well). I'm not talking world maps or anything super-large scale - mostly Town and Dungeon maps. I can handle wide, open spaces and rooms with little to no non-sprite decor. Blueprints are fine; like I said, I can put the maps together.

The other request I am putting out is a little more normal. I can't really draw, and my art all looks the same. Yes, I can see the differences between a Molion and a Contergon, but that won't matter unless everyone else can too. SO: I would like someone who can do sprites. I do have a list around here somewhere of specific things I need made, but for 80% of the list either the name can change to fit the sprite, or else the sprite doesn't really matter. If you want me to draw something for you to work from, that's fine with me. I'm more story and scripting focused anyway, so the visual arts are beyond my ken.

If you're interested, PM me. I'm willing to work with multiple people for different parts, though, so don't think that I'm only partnering up with the first two or three people that apply. Hell, anyone who applies will get something asked of them.

(I do ask that anyone with experience spriting Sailor Moon related stuff say so and provide examples. I have a very... different request of those people)
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