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I am bad and I should feel bad

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Which game sounds like the best one to work on?
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Inbred Crystal: The Lost Levels
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Moron Mission
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Nintendo Quest
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The Adventures of Nathan Karr
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Untendo Venture
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Ronin Catholic
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:29 am    Post subject: I am bad and I should feel bad Reply with quote

Not because I've been doing anything bad recently, but because I haven't been doing enough good stuff. I really should be working on Maces Wild, and if not that, one of my many other games.

I keep remembering that it's easier to work on a serious project (which there's no way Maces Wild isn't) if I goof off with a joke project as well. As such, I will give a rather brief description of several of my non-Ken-centric games, in premise or in intended content and open a poll/discussion to decide which one to use.

Guh. The old false god/wizard Odang summons two to four heroes who may or may not be copies of the same person to stop the do-gooder Ronin Catholic from ruining his world by making it into an OHRRPGCE game. Based on Vikings of Midgard story-wise, and nods constantly to ZZT visually (though not at all consistently).

Inbred Crystal: The Lost Levels. The game follows Bimmy Andouille, a video game nerd, as he plays what are mainstream games in his world (and shallow/affectionate parodies to us) and tries to figure out the meaning behind the Gamestar Crystal, which mysteriously acts as bridge between the console and the cartridges, unlocking hitherto unseen, or "lost", levels.

Moron Mission. Believe it or not, the jumbled ROM-hack-gone-awry visuals for the tiles were not part of my intention for this game, I was just in too much of a hurry to redraw the maps with their new tilesets. The battles could stand a little more balance, too; the first release was too hard and the second is too easy. (Considering that the battle balance was the only thing I put more work into than the dialog in this game, that's kinda disappointing -- but at least there's a reason to use spells.)

Nintendo Quest. This game has a lot of faults, greatest of which is its lack of balance (no other characters are as good as Tails and Mega Man, many enemies give far too much money and experience, I changed the heroes' stat growth at the behest of my fan, ruining what balance I had until then). The gratuitous Japanese stays; it was a nod to the gratuitous English in the first Final Fantasy game.

The Adventures of Nathan Karr. Nathan and a Ninten lookalike fight ripped sprites that represent Nathan's inner demons.

Untendo Venture (working title). A parody of my own game, which was satirical to begin with; Ronin Catholic's hometown is destroyed by the evil overlord Satin because Ronin is destined to make games stop swearing. Enlisting the help of such memorable game heroes as Puck Man Jr, Shoop Man, and Weegee, Ronin (under the alias Rurouni Catholic) sets out to set the video game world aright. Basically, Ninendo Quest with better-balanced combat and a more self-aware story.

Weegee You guys already know about this one, but I have plans for adding alternate paths and an even greater variety of foes and abilities.
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"I didn't start the flame war;
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