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"Flicker" by Artimus Bena

" The story begins with two brothers, Reldrin and Aedunn, twins who share the right to an old throne. The world they live in is peaceful, untouched by war for a thousand years, but Reldrin's frequent dreams have become nightmares, almost horrific premonitions of the future, in which he is the ruler of all things, vile acts commited in his name. Terrible though the images may be, his heart finds them irresistible. These terrible deeds would be necessary for a man to establish his power.

As a man, his mind constantly balances itself between good and evil, until he is asked to spy on an underground order by joining its ranks. Soon his loyalty shifts, and the unexpected death of their leader leaves Reldrin in the midst of cries for him to replace the old leader. He graciously accepts, knowing he could never gain the throne with his brother Aedunn being so virtuous and liked by everyone.

There is only one condition upon leadership...

To prove his loyalty to their cause, he must murder every member of his family. "

A 30 minute midi album comprised of 14 parts; continuous music.

-The mp3 version -may- be available sometime soon.

-The story, short enough to read with the music, is available in the forums.

Preview: Play Count: 772
Number of Ratings: 6 Average Rating: 3.3333

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