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    1) Moyos Theme by Obright
    2) Hydra Shrine by Obright
    3) Ode by Obright
    4) Hellas Theme by Obright
    5) Cave Dweller by Obright
Review List
Legend Of The Magic Sword, The
Reviewed by Seth
Playtime: 0 hours and 1 minutes
Overall: D+
"The game really needed to be longer. Some improvements could be;

*Fixing the overhead tiles,
*Making it longer

The script at the start with the sleeping James (drooling) was a nice touch. "
Reviewed by Seth
Playtime: 0 hours and 42 minutes
Overall: B
"Aquarius is a game that I would like to see finished. It has a great story behind it, and while the battles were a bit easy and the maps were easy to get lost in, this is overcome by many other great aspects of the game.

A must play for any core RPG fans."
ARFENHOUSE!!!1 #!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Seth
Playtime: 1 hours and 9 minutes
Overall: B+
"A game that should not be missed. If anyone wants to learn how to make a successful game, they should either do the same, or do the opposite."
Faces Version 2 (11/10/03)
Reviewed by Seth
Playtime: 0 hours and 1 minutes
Overall: B
"The textbox with faces technique is amazing. Would work amazingly in a game. (maybe James Paige could come up with an easier way in the next update...)"
Awegra-The Secret of the Portal
Reviewed by Seth
Playtime: 0 hours and 10 minutes
Overall: D
"Awegra is a game for a beggining scripter to see how plotscripting can be used well. Other than that, the lack of playability is a letdown.

A 'D' for encouragement. This could be a good game. "
Reviewed by Seth
Playtime: 0 hours and 49 minutes
Overall: C-
"The graphics really need improvement. Hilarious dialogue, but lacked in RPG content. "

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