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Timestream Saga
Reviewed by Fenrir-Lunaris
Playtime: 24 hours and 30 minutes
Overall: B+
"The OHRRPGCE needs a built-in spellchecker... heh..."
Reviewed by Fenrir-Lunaris
Playtime: 0 hours and 30 minutes
Overall: D+
"Arfenhouse could spoof this so well..."
Reviewed by Fenrir-Lunaris
Playtime: 0 hours and 15 minutes
Overall: C+
"....They must have been.

In any case, this is a very short game, and considering the time constraints PHC was under, he did surprisingly well."
Reviewed by Fenrir-Lunaris
Playtime: 4 hours and 30 minutes
Overall: C-
"Are you absolutely SURE this isn't parodying anything?"
Final Fantasy H
Reviewed by Fenrir-Lunaris
Playtime: (Thellos:16) (Leo:12) hours and :P minutes
Overall: A
"Fenrir: To plagurize the default comment here... Any Final Thoughts?

Thellos: It's probably not the best OHR game that's ever going to be made, but it's an excellent one for a first time OHRer to play, just to see what the engine's capable of producing.

Leo: Despite its flaws, not even you will likely produce a better game Fenrir. This game was probably deserving of it's original score of an A+. It won't be beaten."
Reviewed by Fenrir-Lunaris
Playtime: 8 hours and 30 minutes
Overall: A-
"A worthy look, at any rate. The length is probably the only factor that would turn people away."
Super Concentration Headache Master Pro
Reviewed by Fenrir-Lunaris
Playtime: 0 hours and 4 minutes
Overall: B+
(blood pours from mouth for no good reason)"

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