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Ends of the Earth
Reviewed by Meatballsub
Playtime: 2 hours and 55 minutes
Overall: C
"I had high hopes for this game. I had read many good things about this before I started my journey. Despite its many flaws and the feeling that half the game was rushed, I still had a good time with it.

However, it definitely did not feel like it took me to the Ends of the Earth."
Vikings Of Midgard
Reviewed by Meatballsub
Playtime: 3 hours and minutes
Overall: B+
"I urge everyone to play this at least once. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran to the community, I think we can all learn a little something from this gem."
Fat Frog RPG
Reviewed by Meatballsub
Playtime: 1 hours and 30 minutes
Overall: D-
"Regardless of how I look back on this, I will always respect Fat Frog RPG. In the end, if it wasn't for Kumkwat Software, I may have never stumbled upon the OHRRPGCE."
Magic Force
Reviewed by Meatballsub
Playtime: hours and 40 minutes
Overall: F+
"If Locke would have spent more time polishing his work; this could have turned out to be a mediocre game."
Eternal Flame I
Reviewed by Meatballsub
Playtime: 1 hours and minutes
Overall: F-
"If Vikings of Midgard is our model introductory game, then Eternal Flame is its polar opposite. It touches on pretty much everything that a person should NOT do when making a game."
Reviewed by Meatballsub
Playtime: 1 hours and minutes
Overall: B+
"Stop is a great introduction to a game that could have proved to be one of the better OHR games released in a long time. "

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