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+2 Timestream Saga Second Edition by Fenrir-Lunaris
+2 Duck and MJ 2 by JSH357
+2 Tri-Tear Revolution by Sparoku
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Autumn Dream (demo) vs. JSH357
Autumn Dream (demo) The maptiles are purdy!
Download: 155 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 25 minutes
Review # 7 for JSH357 The maptiles are purdy!
Them's Fightin' Words
    Autumn Dream is a game that isn't horrible, but at the same time isn't
all that great. The game has some strong points but it also has some
weak points, and as per usual, the weak points are easier to detect
than the strong ones. A little side note before I write any farther:
I believe that the author of this game speaks English as a second
language. It is apparent throughout the game. If I am mistaken about
this, my apologies to Cloudburst.
    These were very good! The maptiles, as seen in the upper right-hand
screenshot, are very well-drawn. I did not notice very many problems
with the graphics, but there were a few things that stuck out.
Firstly, the foot offset doesn't fit in with the maptiles. It looks as
though the sprites are walking on top of trees and things like that.
Also, the battle backgrounds look like they were attacked by the
gradient tool one too many times. Other than those said problems,
I thought this game was one of the best-looking OHR games that I've
played in a while.
    Well, I hate to say that I didn't really like the story, but I guess
I didn't. It's too much of an RPG standard. Boy finds sword, boy
loses sword, descendant gets sword and uses said sword to smite evil
that is evil just because it is. That's how I would summarize this
game's storyline.

Another problem is the overabundance of pointless
characters. You have a boy who joins your party just because he has
nothing better to do with his time, and a woman who joins you for
some reason that I didn't really understand.

Yet another issue I had with this game was the grammar and word usage.
Like I mentioned before, I'm pretty sure Cloudburst speaks/spoke
English as second language back when he made this demo. Words are
used in the wrong tense or in the wrong places, etc. (See the lower-
left screenshot) Also, apostrophes were misplaced and there were a
few comma splices. If Cloudburst DOES speak another language
predominantly, I think that it would be wise for him to find somebody
to edit his text boxes before releasing another demo of this game.
    This game suffers from having dull battles. I think that the main
reason for this is that the demo is very short and not much is
available, but boring battles are boring battles.
    Essentially all you do is attack. Once your character learns a new
skill, you use that instead of attacking. The entire demo is like
this. Two of the characters who join your party can do nothing BUT
attack, and the only difference between them is their stats. This
isn't really a problem, I guess, but the diversity gained between
characters isn't as interesting as it could be if all of the heroes
had their own abilities. If a character isn't an individual in
battle, it makes him a pretty boring character if you ask me.
  Map Design
    The entire game is linear. All of the dungeons are straightforward
with no real twists or traps. Monsters roam the field instead of
appearing randomly, which is nice for a change, and also a good thing
since the battles are boring and you want to avoid them anyway. The
houses are pretty well-designed, but there still isn't anything
special. Towns have people, but you can't go into any of the houses.
    None of the characters are interesting in battle, as mentioned before.
All of the battles are either hold down the space bar or use the same
ability over and over again. The characters' stats seemed to be
distributed in a fairly balanced fashion, but the enemies only do
1-5 damage anyway, so you can't die.
    -The author of this review cannot hear BAM music-  
    Well, I thought this game was pretty, but there just wasn't anything
to it. Maybe if the game had been longer I would have enjoyed it more.
As it stands though, it was just an average OHR game with nothing
really special about it.
Final Blows
    Autumn Dream isn't a terrible game, but it isn't a very good game
either. It needs lots of work and a huge update before I'll play it

Final Scores
Graphics: 7/10.0
Good overall. A few minor problems, but they can be fixed. +6.5 for
being purdy, +.5 for the sprite emotion-changing.
Storyline: 3.5/10.0
Pretty bland and overdone, to be honest. It could get better over
time, but that's something that this game doesn't really take much of.
+3.5 for Ninjas.
Gameplay: 2/10.0
*Yawn* Final Fantasy X almost has better battles than this game.
+2 for for being able to avoid enemies.
Music: 10/10.0
Enjoyment: 2.5/10.0
Like I said, it isn't ready yet. Maybe this game could become an
enjoyable one some day. But right now, it just isn't worth it.
+2.5 for Ninjas.
Overall Grade: D+
Final Thoughts
    Worth a playthrough if you have nothing else to do, but otherwise, this
game isn't ready to be played seriously quite yet.

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