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Ancient Warriors vs. JSH357
Ancient Warriors Well, only a slim difference there, pal.
Download: 40 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 10 minutes
Review # 5 for JSH357 Well, only a slim difference there, pal.
Them's Fightin' Words
    One word sums up this game pretty well: Incomplete. I enjoyed what
little of the game was there, but it ended too quickly. Now, there
are other problems as well, but the underlying issue with the game's
length is the main problem.
    The graphics in this game range from "Not there" to "Bad" to "Fairly
Good." The battle backdrop is just a blank screen. The hero doesn't
seem to have any animations in battle other than his standing graphic.
The enemy graphics look like a five year old drew them, and the
maptiles don't even try to eliminate the grid at all. Some of the
graphics in this game were pretty good. I liked the attack animations
and some of the walkabouts were fairly decent, but overall, the
graphics were just sloppy.
    Basically, you play as a knight sent to investigate the loss of a
golden crown. It held my interest, and I was actually hoping to learn
more than what the game told. But as I said before, this game ends
very quickly. The dialogue in this game is refreshing. I actually
chuckled a few times at what some of the characters said. The story
seemed to be fairly well-written, but it is apparent that No_Shot
abandoned this game somewhere along the line.
    This is where it really loses points right here...
Ancient Warriors is a traditional RPG. Nothing really new. Now, this
itself is no problem at all, but the game is only ten minutes long.
Since there is only one battle, only one item, and only three maps to
explore, Ancient Warriors just doesn't do anything right.
    'Battles' should be singular here. There is only one battle in the
game. And, sadly enough, it isn't a good battle at all. You face seven
enemies, one being a boss. The minions don't do very much damage, but
it piles up rather quickly, so defeating them is almost a must. The
boss itself does a good amount of damage- and unfortunately, I wasn't
able to survive the battle. Now, I would have tried the battle out
again, but lo and behold, there are no save points in the game! Yep,
you cannot save anywhere. Without being able to save, I would have
been forced to replay the entire game to try and win a single battle.
That isn't my idea of a good time, and I really hope it isn't yours.
  Map Design
    The one dungeon in the game was pretty well-designed. The puzzle was
challenging. You have to move boxes around and navigate your way
through a basement. I had to retry the puzzle a few times before I
finally made it all the way out. Here's the problem with the puzzle
though: there was no way to reset it other than going back to the
enterance to the dungeon! The rest of the game's maps were not very
well-designed at all. Everything was small, confined, and fairly
ugly. On the bright side, the game was very simple to get through.
    Well, it isn't very easy to detect balance with only one battle that
I didn't bother wasting ten minutes of my life to try and beat again.
So, I'll just say the game was horribly unbalanced.
    -The author of this review cannot hear BAM music-  
    Well, I enjoyed most of what was there. I was hoping for there to be
more than was present, and had there been a save point, I would have
enjoyed it a lot more.
Final Blows
    I don't recommend playing this game. It isn't worth the time that I
took to play it, and it certainly wouldn't be worth your time either.
It does show that No_Shot has some talent, however. The dialogue was
good. I'm not really sure if the author of this game is planning on
continuing, but if so, add save points before you do anything! Save
Points are so vital to RPGs it isn't even funny.
Shyguys?  Interesting.

Shyguys? Interesting.
Final Scores
Graphics: 2/10.0
Ranged from Blank to ok. +1 for good attack graphics, +1 for maptiles
in the basement dungeon.
Storyline: 4.5/10.0
Well, I thought it was pretty nice. The dialogue was good as well.
The game is just too short for the story to really get started, though.
+2 for good dialogue, +2.5 for holding my interest.
Gameplay: 1/10.0
No player empathy whatsoever. I would never play this game again.
+1 for a frustrating, but slightly interesting dungeon.
Music: 10/10.0
Enjoyment: 4/10.0
I enjoyed what was there... but that isn't saying much, is it?
+3.5 for keeping my interest, +.5 for laughs along the way.
Overall Grade: F+
Final Thoughts
    Not worth playing in its present state. With heavy editing, it could
be a good game, but as it is, Eternal Warriors is not much of a game.

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