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Help Wanted (48hrs) vs. RedMaverickZero
Help Wanted (48hrs)
Download: 65 KB
Play Time: hours and 20 minutes
Review # 9 for RedMaverickZero
Them's Fightin' Words
    Have you ever tried to get a job? Have you ever succeeded and had that one boss that always gave you hell? Donald Smith faces through the most aggreviating boss of all the world in this hilarious game. Making pizza and fighting evil tomatoes is one of few things that will make you laugh until well... it's over!
    Graphics weren't the best. But they looked great. I personally loved them. Even though based off what MCW has told me, that this is a form of crap art. Where they just lighten the colors to create shading. I think it looks fine. Everything looks exactly like what all it's supposed to be. Even the moldy cheese and everything else. The walkabouts looked perfect for the mood of the game. A funny fast paced game with some witty graphics was so great!  
    Getting a job and facing a horrible boss who specializes in licking paper and making his employees hate themselves for applying there. There's even a character who was so sick of working for the boss that he killed himself. And in the end, Donald and this ghost who calls himself Long Dead go off and take control of the company. And the boss is obviouslly confronted.  
    The gameplay was fast and smooth. I liked it actually. I suspect in the beginning that the creator had made a speed up script to make Donald run super fast around the Italian Restaurant. It made the continuous walking around seem a lot less than what it actually was. It was oddly addictive. I even played this game twice because it was so short and so fun. The gameplay was short, but it was necessary you could say. It was quite nice.  
    Battles weren't the best. But they were still very fun. Donald had several attacks which were toppings to throw at enimies or heal yourself. They were pretty cool looking too. Using the graphic style I had described earlier. The fights lasted long enough, although not much thought was put into these, they were still very smooth and clear.  
  Map Design
    Maps had some thought put into them. The creator had to design every room just right so that they weren't too big and the player would still be interested in the game. The maptiles also looked very nice, which greatly made the game look a lot better and make the maps look a lot better. Everything paid off.  
    The game wasn't that balanced. But for the length of the game, I guess it didn't really matter. You had skills to heal yourself and then again, you would pick up items every now and then. And there was the occassional vending machine to use which was very over priced but still offered items to help out. Not the best, but still good.  
    Music was another great thing. The music was so cool, I mean, the tunes were extremely catchy. And they made the fights and maps seem better. The introduction music was great too. I enjoyed listening to the music almost as much as the game itself.  
    I thoroughlly enjoyed this game. It was non stop fun for the short twenty minutes it was. It had all the factors of humor, but not the factors of a true RPG. It was obviouslly made for humor purposes, which it hit very hard and very well! Good job!  
Final Blows
    Getting a job is rough, then getting a jack ass boss is even rougher. This game describes all this and more in a very humorous approach. Thus, making the game funny on different perspectives. The game is very short and I'm sure I've spoiled it, but still, check it out!

Final Scores
Graphics: 8.5/10.0
Not bad. But could still use improvement. Personally, I liked it.
Storyline: 8.5/10.0
Getting a job, facing a horrible boss, and then best of all, meeting up with the guy that killed himself because of the boss! Awesome!
Gameplay: 7.5/10.0
Not much. But for what it was, it was excellent.
Music: 8.5/10.0
Catchy, funny, and fit the mood. Although, I'm not sure if it's all original. But if it isn't, it was nicely placed.
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
AWESOME!!! Everyone should check this out. It's one of the funnest experiences you can have playing the OHR. I think you should seriouslly play it.
Overall Grade: B+
Final Thoughts
    Momma mia! Almost a perfecta! Mwah!  

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