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Purgatory100% vs. Setu_Firestorm
Download: 798 KB
Play Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Review # 5 for Setu_Firestorm
Them's Fightin' Words
    What's going on? Where are you? Why can't you move? Why can't you see anything? Wait! You can see now.
You play this game as the heroine Lewis, a typical high-school age model. In the strange event of an earthquake, the school is demolished, you wake up in the basement, and there are a great host of disturbing monsters that are quite attracted to you. In a maze of psychological imagry, problem solving, and an intriguing storyline, you will be very frightened by this original survival/horror piece by Friend/Orchard-L, Purgatory.
    Most games of this genre cry out for graphic quality; in order to capture the audience in the mood, the action, and the fear, you must make what they are seeing believable to the eye. This game greatly accomplishes that. Although Friend uses much dithering as opposed to traditional cel-shading, the maptiles are very well structured, not monotonous at all, and believable. The walkabouts were your typical OHR structure, whereas the artwork was good, but the walkabout frames were obviously copied, pasted, and flipped horizontally.
Otherwise, the monster graphics were disturbingly good quality!
    This storyline was inspired by the Silent Hill series, and it shows with the mysterious mode of storytelling. Unlike most games, the story isn't laid out before you, but rather it is a matter of figuring out as things move along.
The only unoriginal aspect of it is that it follows along the similar concept as Silent Hill 2's story. Other than that, this game was very compelling in the many scenes that you must endure throughout the story.
    The gameplay is a custom-styled typical OHR spiel. The battles are your everyday OHR battles, although they DO include the enemy's approach, which affects your ability to hit the enemy. Also, you are more relying on your gun, which the ammo is very limited.
As far as other aspects, an original system was applied that lets you create items with your Resource Points, which you earn from fighting. Moreover, the game's general point is to conserve on what you -do- have and try to avoid the oncoming danger, so it definitely qualifies as bonified Survival/Horror.
    The battles are extremely challenging. There is an unfortunate fact that you cannot run from any battles throughout the whole game. You are forced into combat once you come in contact with the enemy NPC.
The battles in themselves, although the typical OHR stuff, it does apply the original features I mentioned above.
  Map Design
    The map design was thought out pretty well. Though some maps were typical "get through `em", a lot of them consisted of figuring out how to get through them. Some rooms would have boulder set-ups that you would have to strategize, and other hallways would be intricately planned out to where you could go anywhere, yet there was only one right way. Most of the game leaves you wandering, but for survival/horror, it should be that way.  
    Honestly, this is one of the most well-balanced non-parody game I have ever seen one person create. The battles were challenging, the gameplay even more challenging, leaving you to have to think your way through it, and even the graphics were very well done! Unless more than one person worked with Friend on this game, then he's definitely pro-material.  
    I'll have to disclaim this area. I wrote this music, so my comments on it in this review will be ONLY due to how Friend used the music.
Even though only 12 pieces were given him, he still used them wisely. I can honestly say that without the music where it was, the game would be completely dry. The music added to the atmosphere, and even in some places, really left you with an eerie feeling inside.
    I am so glad I played this game, `cause I was beginning to miss my Playstation (that my sister kidnapped) and Resident Evil. This game was even more enjoyable than R.E.
The game causes you to think, strategize, and run like the dickens! It'll freak you out on top of being incredibly fun!
Final Blows
    This game's a real winner. I think it'd take quite a bit for anyone to top this game in it's genre, here in CP. If you love Resident Evil and Silent Hill, then there's no excuse why you can't download this game.
I wouldn't recomment this game for anyone 13 and under (although they're probably all familiar with this content by now =P), due to strong profanity, sexual references, and blood/gore.

Final Scores
Graphics: 10/10.0
Extremely well done! Not once did I feel like I was playing a simple game, but rather I felt like I was running for my life!
Storyline: 8.5/10.0
With the slight presence of unoriginality, even though this story is quite original, it was still very well thought out, and very well told. It leaves you bewildered up til the end.
Gameplay: 7.5/10.0
The gameplay was indeed semi-original, which I must give due credit for.
Music: 10/10.0
Considering how the original music was used, it really made the game an aspect of fear and trembling. The only problem was that I didn't write a large selection of pieces for it.
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
I can't lie. This was an addictive game. Although its level of difficulty was very frustrating, it's definitely a work of art in the psychological sense.
Overall Grade: A+
Final Thoughts
    Can you see what lurks in the darkness?  

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