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Orb vs. Uncommon
Download: 318 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 20 minutes
Review # 2 for Uncommon
Them's Fightin' Words
    When you play games that were created with the OHRRPGCE, you must realize that there are the good as well as those that are bad. Today I review a shining example of the latter, Seeking_star's Orb: Descendants of Saviors. To tell the truth, I am surprised that the title is spelled correctly.
    The first thing that you will notice about this game is that all of the graphics are ripped. The main character, as well as each non-playable character, has the same graphics as a Final Fantasy black mage, only with a different palette. Such blatant unoriginality is seen all throughout the game, with almost everything you look at. Each map tile is stolen from another game, except perhaps a cactus that looked absolutely terrible. If this was an original tile, than I must commend it, except that it was poorly made. To make matters worse, the stolen tiles were all taken from different games, thus they did not fit well together. For example, the main grass tile was stolen from the default RPG Maker 95 tiles, as well as the fencing and pavement. However, any other graphic that had grass in it (such as trees, houses, etc.) had grass of a different color, thus adding to the game's terrible look. Now, I have said much, but have not even mentioned the battle graphics. The attack graphics may have been original, but they were still inadequate. The hero graphic, again, was a palette changed Final Fantasy black mage, but it looked worse than the walkabout, for the colors fit poorly, thus making an ugly graphic. The enemies were awful, and ripped, as well. All of the battle backgrounds originated from RPG Maker 95.  
    The story of this game is outlined in the title screen, which is an awful location for it. It reads, in its exact words, "When Draz was only six years of age, A evil wizard named Ark captured the life goddess Elif, she had the power to grant life...or take it away.He used this to arise beast long ago dead to claim the world as his. But his plans didnt suceed...Draz's father a powerful wizard, Mimi a might sorrcerest and Zrok a strong Knight defeated him! and freed the goddess. Now ten years later Ark has has come back and took Elif once again and used her to take drazor's life and mimi and Zrok. Now The Descendents must save Elif ,there parents, and the world." I would include such a translated summary in proper English at this point, but I do not wish to waste such a sizeable amount of time deciphering the actual text. This horrible bit is only a short example of the grammar used in this game, and helps one to realize how perplexing it can be to attempt to understand such mediocre dialogue. The plot outlined is only the beginning, though. There, supposedly, is another part of the plot that is, at times, mentioned, but never actually seen. This false plot involves the gathering of three orbs, which are said to give the Descendants a gateway to the Devi-World, where they may defeat Ark. This blatant unoriginality reminds me of rather similar games such as the Final Fantasies, Super Mario RPG, and Sonic the Hedgehog. In fact, this game seems almost completely unoriginal. Another grievance that this game has committed is the way in which it flows. There is really nothing to do, except to traverse through the Wizak Valley in order to reach the next town, where you are told that you must travel through the mountains in order to encounter the next Descendant. However, you are not allowed to proceed after reaching the mountain's top, thus implying that the game has ended. This would make one think that the game's theme was about absolutely nothing. Unfortunately for Seeking_star, it was not as successful as Jerry Seinfeld's attempt at a similar endeavor. The difference is that Mr. Seinfeld actually wrote a story for his television show, while Seeking_star thrust his audience into a lackluster, uninteresting, unmemorable, and exasperating pile of rubbish. In terms that sir Seeking_star might actually understand, LOLOLOL!!!!1!! YUO N33D TO WERK ON YER STRORY!!!11!1  
    When considering gameplay, one cannot help but notice how this game again was lacking. There was almost no plotscripting. The title of the name was very similar to that of my own game. In fact, I had to extract the game into a separate folder, rename it, and then move it into my normal folder, which was an exceptionally annoying chore. The game was, however, under the cover of a password, and the debug keys were disabled, which was the only considerably good thing in this game.  
    The battles were quite annoying, considering that there was no real weapons system, no magic system, and nothing to do in battles apart from running and the normal attack. This makes the battles, which occur far too often and lasted longer than any would desire, exceptionally tedious. Eventually, when you finally reach the second town, you will have to encounter a boss, but he is easily defeated with the attacking item that is available at the shop near the town's entrance.  
  Map Design
    Most of the maps in this game were dreadfully incomplete, and it was a chore in itself to find the houses that actually did exist. There were two small "puzzles" in this game, but they were often tedious, uninteresting, ill conceived, and/or far too easy.  
    Ha! Don't make me laugh.  
    Considering the music, it is all ripped. This, however, would not always have to be a shortcoming, if the music is not often used, has an appealing sound, and is well placed, then such a thing can be overlooked. Unfortunately, this does not describe Orb. Most of its music is not often used in other games, but it did not appeal to me. It was placed in ways that did not fit well, and thus only caused grief. One would think that music on a terrible game would be comparatively terrible, and thus would be correct.  
    Enjoyment?! I sit through this awful excuse for effort of any kind and you expect me to enjoy it?! No, my friend, there was no enjoyment in this game. Any enjoyment within a five-mile radius made certain to displace itself to a remote location. Orb: Descendants of Saviors was not enjoyable.  
Final Blows
    So, don't play it, okay? Don't make me waste my time warning you just to be ignored. This is a stern warning, Orb: Descendants of Saviors is not the game you want to play. This thing makes Magnus look good, for goodness' sake! Don't play this game!

Final Scores
Graphics: 1/10.0
Completely ripped. An ugly sight that none should ever have to lay their eyes on. Some people have actually testified to a desire to gouge out their own eyes in order to escape such an atrocity. I would even prefer lackluster original graphics to this hideous display. There was not even a real title screen...
Storyline: 1/10.0
Utter unoriginality. This story was one of the worst that I have seen. The grammar was horrible and the plot stolen. Moreover, the character was unmemorable, for any possible characterization that might have ever existed anywhere in this world had placed itself far from Orb: Descendants of Saviors. Half of the playing time that you may spend on this game is wasted while attempting to decipher the terrible dialogue into the English language.
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
A tremendous display of every vicious thing that exists in this universe. By this, I mean that the game was very good at being terrible. The battles were long, tedious, and incredibly irritating. The "puzzles" were not interesting. The maps were very incomplete. "Fun" is not a word that comes to my mind when I ponder this atrocity.
Music: 2/10.0
Terrible. My ears long cried for a release from the torture of this game's music. Unfortunately, for a reviewer, such relief does not come until after the game has been beaten… I would suggest to those foolhardy ones that would dare endeavor into this "game" to turn off their speakers. Awful placement and horrible choices. The victory music was that of Wandering Hamster's, which was adequate for Wandering Hamster, but terrible for Orb: Descendants of Saviors.
Enjoyment: 1/10.0
No, just... no. Let's not even go there.
Overall Grade: F-
Final Thoughts
    In conclusion, this was one of the worst games that I have encountered in my entire career as a gamemaker. I would not wish the punishment of playing this game on any person, no matter what they have done throughout their life. The game was incredibly uninteresting, unoriginal, poorly conceived, and any other vice that you might be able to think of. In comparison, I would rather play Bugamon Quest. Go play something better, such as Lolsidothaldremobine, Monterrey Penguin, or even Virtual School. Avoid this game as well as you can!  

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