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 1) 2 hits
+2 virtual schoolv0point5 by Shadow_outlaw_X aka Chappell J
+2 Stoneset Saga: Quest for the Unbeloved by Product of Insanity
+1 Timestream Saga Second Edition by Fenrir-Lunaris
+2 Tightfloss Maiden by Pepsi Ranger
+1 Tri-Tear Revolution by Sparoku
ARFENHOUSE!!!1 #!!!!!!! vs. Shadowiii
ARFENHOUSE!!!1 #!!!!!!!
Download: 1.16 MB
Play Time: 5 hours and minutes
Review # 3 for Shadowiii
Them's Fightin' Words

This is just a brief sample of what you will...hear(?) in MisterRoo's game, Arfenhouse 3. Strange, demented, but still downright hilarous, Arfenhouse has set the standard for OHR Humor.
    At first glance, the graphics appear maimed in a way. The walkarounds have only one picture for every direction. The enemies are flat and consist of big blocks of color. The heroes are flat as well. And the tilemaps? Big squares of color.

Of course, you have to keep going.

The game features quite a bit of cutscenes, as well as guest appearances from more "serious" games. The enemy graphics and tilemaps in say, the spaceship, for example, are well above the average. The thing that will make you laugh is then your flat kitty head will throw a ping-pong ball at them and kill them.

Overall, the graphics do the job, even if they are bad by OHR standards. This isn't a serious game, people, and so the graphics work very well. SOOPER SAYEIN BRREDDD!
    This game is a parody game. Which means EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME PARODYS SOMETHING. Everything.

Whats incredible is how well it is put together. The scraps from other games seem to meld together to create a reasonable story and (overall), and enjoyable game. In my opinion, this game is the BEST parody game I've played, ever.
    The game is fun to play, just because it is so incredibly funny. You will DIE waiting to see what Housemaster will say next. It is quite a kick in the pants (or the GROIN! LOLOOOLO!111!!)

Plus, there are TONS of alternete endings to find, so you'll be playing it over and over. :)

    This is where it gets iffy. The battles are poorly balanced. However, the RPG isn't passworded, so you can go in and give Housemaster 9999 everything. You pansey.  
  Map Design
    They are mostly parody's of something, and in the process they get the job done.  


But you can always cheat.
    Its ripped, every last track. But the beauty of it is how it is placed. The music for the parody's really works well. This is perhaps the best use of ripped music I've ever seen, besides perhaps FFH.  
    You'll love this game. Its guaranteed. If you are a Final Fantasy Fan (FFF! LOLOloOLOLO11!!), then you'll be laughing so hard you will cry. Even if you aren't, the game has enough zany stuff to make you bust a gut multiple times. Don't forget to watch the movie!  
Final Blows
    This game is, in my opinion, one of the best OHR games ever released, if not THE best. It is the first OHR game I've played besides Wandering Hamster that successfully connects music with the scenes. It also is one of the funniest games ever. Download it. NOW.

Final Scores
Graphics: 9/10.0
Ugly at first, but eventually you'll learn to love 'em. They fit the mood perfectly.
Storyline: 10/10.0
Its 100% parody, and it does it perfectly. Very well done.
Gameplay: 8/10.0
There are alternete endings! But the battles can get boring and are unbalanced.
Music: 8.5/10.0
Its ripped, which is bad. But it is the first game on the OHR to place music to fit a mood, and thus it deserves a high score.
Enjoyment: 10/10.0
You'll have so much fun playing this game, you'll pee your pants. You'll laugh until you cry.
Overall Grade: A+
Final Thoughts
    Hero Yuy sucks. So does Squall. And so does Joe, because he's dead.  

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