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Legend of Cale vs. RedMaverickZero
Legend of Cale
Download: 1.16 MB
Play Time: 4 hours and 30 minutes
Review # 6 for RedMaverickZero
Them's Fightin' Words
    With an attitude like the infamous Cloud Strife, the main character Cale is much the same as him. They both carry the same characteristics and personalities, such as, I don't care, or whatever. And not to mention the same hairstyle. Legend of Cale is a very fun game I think. Has it's moments where you wonna plung your fist through the computer, but I won't get into that into much detail...My own personal problems...
    Graphics were not the stronghold of this game. Although, some looked not too shabby for the knowledge and skills Fenrir must have had at this point in his OHR career. The graphics were all drawn in the maker, and with low accuracy for the battle graphics, so every graphic would look a little sketchy. The walkabouts were fantastic I'd say. Loved those. I especially loved Cactus Jack... Hehehehe.
    The story line was also another thing that seemed to be like Final Fantasy 7 with a few large twists. Three gods had watched over the world, and an evil madman named Malcovah (don't know exact spelling) wanted to become more powerful than these all powerful ones. So he tried to fuse himself with a gaurdian force and became very powerful. So Cale and his oddball group of friends, have to go save the world from Malcovah. Some of his crazy allies include, a ghetto black dude, a fat guy that's obsessed with crushing stuff, a weird and cooky dude with a funny hat who talks and talks and never shuts up, and a slutty little fox. Not too shabby. It all miracuously pulls together to be in my opinion great.
    Gameplay was good. You had a very large variety of things you could do. In one case you played Cards with a dude. Not too bad. And you find a cactus who joins you forever. Cactus looked great by the way. And also, you had the Final Fantasy 8 feature of junctioning magic and GFs to your person to increase his/her stats. You could even turn the GFs into summons to fight and do humungous damage. Good stuff. Nice variety.
    Battles were nice. Every character was indeed unique. Although, lots of them were based off of DragonBallZ. Which everyone was into that at one time or another. But anyways, fights were great. Random battles weren't too hard, until you reached the final dungeon, and boss fights were well, the way they were supposed to be, difficult, and altogether, boss fights! Hehehehe. Good stuff.
  Map Design
    Maps were thought out, but the maptiles could have used a bit of work. But they were very very thought out. Everything was in great preportion too. Towns weren't too big, mountains not too small. Everything was very well put together and interesting to walk around and view.
    This game, which if you have read my other reviews, can tell that balance is a big thing for me, was very balanced. You had lots of oppurtunities to buy new things, the character stats were very evenly distributed. The only big thing I have is the Dark Crater, the battles were very repetitive, and very difficult. But it's alright considering it was close to the last area of the game and that level of difficulty was needed. Good job here too.
    Music was ripped. In some ways poorly, in other ways great. Although, no matter how crappy it was, it always managed to set the mood of the game. Fight music was the traditional FF7 music, but it's good stuff, and like one person said, FF7 music is used a lot. And it is a little depressing hearing it over and over... Still not bad music.
    I enjoyed the game. It made me laugh, it made me mad. But other than that I enjoyed it. I agree it's not for everybody, but all the same, it's funny and touching and serious. A good balance for a game. Even has a few love scenes between a guy and a ummm... fox? Yep, a fox. Well I enjoyed the game.
Final Blows
    Fenrir's skills have definitely evolved after this game. And I'm happy he put up his older games, to show his evolution as a game maker. That's always nice to see. And every little thing along the way to victory (FFH) gives you the knowledge and abilities to get better. Good job, once again.

Final Scores
Graphics: 6.5/10.0
Not the stronghold. But they were entertaining and amusing. Pretty nifty at times too.
Storyline: 8/10.0
Storyline was one of the best I've seen in a long while. Throughout the game it was brought into detail more and more. Love that.
Gameplay: 7/10.0
Junctioning... A bit confusing in the beginning. But all the same, made the game that much more enjoyable. And it had so many cool possiblities along with it. Good stuff.
Music: 5/10.0
Music was ripped. But in some places nicely, others poorly. Still, it was decent. So I'll give it a decent score.
Enjoyment: 7.5/10.0
I really enjoyed the game. Made me laugh, made me think most of all. And not many games today let me do that. Good stuff.
Overall Grade: B+
Final Thoughts
    Keep up the good work. Even though this is an old game, keep up your hard work, it really shows and pays off.  

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