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Castle Paradox
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    1) Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams reviewed by JSH357
    2) Vikings Of Midgard reviewed by MirceaKitsune
    3) Bug on the Wall reviewed by JSH357
    4) Tightfloss Maiden reviewed by yhposolihP
    5) A Blank Mind reviewed by Dorumagesu
A Blank Mind vs. Dorumagesu
A Blank Mind The gray thing is you. The red thing? Unknown.
Download: 34 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 3 minutes
Review # 1 for Dorumagesu The gray thing is you. The red thing? Unknown.
Them's Fightin' Words
    A work in progress game..... Never a good game, as it isn't finished......Not really a plot, one battle.
    The graphics are okay, they look a bit weird though. You are a gray figure, and the only enemy is a snake ish thingy coming out of a hat, that's what things look for me.  
    I don't know the story line......Supposedly it's walking around going through the same areas over and over?  
    It was boring to start off....... all you did was walk around, basically. You got a boss battle, except that it's the only enemy!  
    The one "boss" battle, took the majority of the 3 minutes I played. All I did was wait for the speed to load. You just keep pressing the enter or space button and you won. The enemy, on the other hand, had this attack called Death Ball, which took away as twice as much health as its normal attack. A bit unfair, and boring.  
  Map Design
    The maps were simply dark gray land with light gray walls. Even if I didn't use the walk through walls key, I could still go through some walls, I think. You went from one map to ther other, fighting a boss on the way.  
    What? Balance? Nothing at all.  
    No music, can't say anything.  
Final Blows
    Not a great game, but it all depends how much effort the author puts into the rest of the game.
The eyes look like buttons or chocolate chip cookies.

The eyes look like buttons or chocolate chip cookies.
Final Scores
Graphics: 3/10.0
Better than mine, (Dummy the Happy Face), but not that great either.
Storyline: 1/10.0
No story line........
Gameplay: 1/10.0
It was very boring, and there was no point.
Music: 1/10.0
There's no music, can't give it a good rating.
Enjoyment: 1/10.0
I couldn't get ANY enjoyment from this game...
Overall Grade: F
Final Thoughts
    I hope the author finishes this game, and makes it better with some random battles.  

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