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Stop vs. Meatballsub
Download: 1.39 MB
Play Time: 1 hours and minutes
Review # 6 for Meatballsub
Them's Fightin' Words
    Stop is one of many OHR games that has never been reviewed, but certainly deserves one. Although Shadowii has declared that he will no longer be working on it, I still think that it deserves a few comments.

    You will immediately notice that the game looks great. The author put a large amount of detail into his work, especially after the End of Time section. Everything is lush and colorful, and the interior of houses are full of lighting effects and shadows. I was somewhat disappointed to find out that the trees were ripped, but nonetheless, they fit the other graphics alright. The walkabouts have a slight hint of a Final Fantasy feel to them, but it fits the rest of the art well. There are only a few battle graphics shown in the demo, but they are just as good as the rest of the graphics.

    The story is unique and intriguing from the get-go, which is what I really liked about the game. You don’t have to play an hour or two to get into some “meat” of the story, because it is constantly fed to you throughout the demo.

However, that is also its downfall. The game spans about thirty minutes to an hour tops, most of it being scripted. Although the presentation is nice, I felt that the author fed you way too much about the story in such a short period of time. Before the demo was over, I had been fed so much information about the story and backstory of certain characters and events that my head wanted to explode. Honestly, the last few text boxes I could hardly handle because of this. It shames me to say that, because the story really has the potential to be superb in my book. I guess it just would have been nice to have some of the information spread out just a bit in order to prevent a brain meltdown. It would have also been nice if the author would have done a bit of spellchecking, as there are many spelling errors present.

    Another thing that the long, scripted introduction affects is the gameplay.
    Unfortunately, you will not encounter many battles in the demo. There are a few fights at the beginning that you really cannot lose, and a few in a forest towards the end, but that is pretty much it. Because of that, I cannot really comment on the battles.

  Map Design
    There is not much to see in this installment. You will traverse only a couple of maps, most of them being during the scripted introduction.

    Another toughie. The few battles that I encountered were a decent challenge. Enemies could hurt you a decent amount, but you also win the majority of them by holding the “attack” key down.

    The score is supposed to be original, and kudos to whoever wrote the pieces. Although none of them, save the forest theme, sound groundbreaking, they are all very nice and fitting songs for the atmosphere of the game.

    I enjoyed this game, although there is not much to do besides watching the well scripted introduction.

Final Blows
    This is a nice piece of work. Despite the fact it will never see updates, I think everyone should give it a shot.

Final Scores
Graphics: 7/10.0
Good stuff, except for the ripped tiles.
Storyline: 8/10.0
Great story, besides the plot delivery train hitting you like a hurricane towards the end.
Gameplay: 7/10.0
Not much to see here, unfortunately.
Music: 8/10.0
Good stuff, and original to boot.
Enjoyment: 8/10.0
I enjoyed it, and wished that there was more to be had.
Overall Grade: B+
Final Thoughts
    Stop is a great introduction to a game that could have proved to be one of the better OHR games released in a long time.  

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