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 1) 2 hits
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ARFENHOUSE!!!1 #!!!!!!! vs. beau_rl
ARFENHOUSE!!!1 #!!!!!!! The main character. Based on a slice of toast.
Download: 1.16 MB
Play Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Review # 1 for beau_rl The main character. Based on a slice of toast.
Them's Fightin' Words
    I had heard alot of good things about this game, but I was skeptical. Their aren't many games that can make me laugh, especially if they are silly and immature. But after playing this game, I'm shameless to say made me laugh out loud on several occasions. In no way is this a game, as I thought it would be before I played it. It is more of an interactive comedy "trip."
    Well, they fit the childish theme of the game... Maptiles are just squares filled in with solid colour, and used randomly. Battle sprites are either kindergarten like figures, or scans from real objects, such as cats. Basically, they are deliberately crap. There were stages where when the party enters certain parts of the game, the graphics turn more attractive. These better graphics were used to further the game's humour, as they show an obvious contradiction between the "normal" characters within the game and the "Arfenhouse" characters. Cutscenes and NPCs are also crap, but are deliberately made so to be funny and are appropriate.
    I have NO IDEA! Something about a comet crashing into "Urth"? The game is written is written mostly in exclamation marks and numbers, so it's hard to tell what's goin' on. My biggest problem with the game was the fact that the bad writing was overdone sometimes, and towards the end of the game, I began to not bother trying to decipher the dialogue, so probably missed some hilarious text.
    There isn't much. You move from A to B and laugh. The battles are terrible, and I didn't realize that you could run away from bosses until halfway through the game.
    The few battles that you might choose to fight (because you will likely run away instead) are bad. The damage that the spells do seem random, and cost no MP. Another problem I had was that while considering these battles were obviously not meant to be fought, the encounter rate was too high. It got annoying having to keep pressing Escape all the time. Some of the battle formations are hilarious. Such as putting all the enemies into a cluster in the corner, or putting enemies as close as possible to the party.
  Map Design
    The map design is mostly non-existent, but it isn't needed. Fortunately, most of the maps are small, so traveling about them doesn't become tedious.
    Deliberately unbalanced. Randomness at its best.
    Due to the nature of the game, it's alright if the music is inappropriate. Some of the songs were fitting to the humour in the dialogue. Other songs became annoying. All the songs were ripped.
    LOL! Arfenhouse is FUNNY! If this game was not funny, it would be one of the worst games of the OHR. The battles are tedious, but you can run away.
Final Blows
    I wasn't a fan of some of the music, and the battles were the worst I've ever experienced, but the game is so funny! It is probably the one game that has made me laugh out loud in a long time.
The cast of characters.

The cast of characters.
Final Scores
Graphics: 7/10.0
Simple and childish, but deliberate and appropriate.
Storyline: 8/10.0
Hard to follow at times, but the dialogue is hilarious.
Gameplay: 6/10.0
Battles are TERRIBLE, but you can run away from all of them except one. Other then that, there isn't much gameplay.
Music: 6.5/10.0
Ripped. Most music was fine, but some tracks got on my nerves.
Enjoyment: 9.5/10.0
You are in for a laugh if you play this.
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    I seriously didn't think this would be funny, but I was wrong. I dare anyone to play this and not to laugh. But don't consider it if you are after a genuine game.  

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