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Missing (fixed version) vs. Onlyoneinall
Missing (fixed version) Beautiful, isn't it?
Download: 3.09 MB
Play Time: 2 hours and something minutes
Review # 11 for Onlyoneinall Beautiful, isn't it?
Them's Fightin' Words
    You play the role of Melvin Young, an ex-cop husband moving on possibly into his late 30's. A tired sleep deprived man, his relationship with his wife; Elle Young has not gone well, mostly due to each others' parents hating the other. After their relationship became somewhat steady again, Elle proposed to take their son, David Young and go for a week or two to spend some alone time together. Melvin agreed.

Several weeks have passed and they have disappeared. Tracking down the most recent inn they have been to in England which they never signed out of, Melvin begins his search for them. Have they really gone missing, or have they abandoned Melvin?

Prepare yourself for a twisted downward spiral that deepens in terror as you search to uncover the answers in this OHR revolutionary adventure game.

    The first thing you will notice are the graphics. The game as stated is an adventure game, and it plays like a point and click. You are presented with a screen showing your location or current happenings, and here the marvels unfold.

Each location is beautiful to look at, and it's hard to believe it's only 256 colors. Each location is wonderfully detailed, and at day, you will find your surroundings pleasing to the eye, while at night, your senses fall into caution as the atmospherically candle lit rooms nudge at your sense of fear.

If you have played any of Friend's previous games, you know of his graphical capabilities, especially when it comes to people , who are well done and while they have an almost animeish look to them, it is clearly Friend's own style, and its unique look brings out a more unique feel.

What else can be said except the graphics have no flaws, each area a charm to explore, as long as you're not tense with fear when the lights are dim and the shadows hint at possibly deadly but well detailed enemies?

There are also a few cutscenes where you will find animation, well done and fitting the mood. These are also a marvel to watch, so your senses will be pleased the whole time you're exploring in the game.

The graphics, combined with a unique new interface (for the OHRRPGCE anyway) brings an entirely new dimension, and you will be drawn into this game's world.

    The story has already been given above. Melvin Young is staying at the same inn that his missing family has been at without checking out, and from here he must search. He begins to gather information from everyone at the inn, and also search around for leads to their whereabouts.

At first, the game is calm, peaceful, and gives you no sense of urgency. However, as you progress through the game and unravel the details, urgency rises, the potential for danger heightens, and you realize no more, are you safe. The story must absolutely receive no spoilers - discover on your own if Melvin Young finds out the whereabouts of his missing family - and if you have played Purgatory or City of Dreams, you know you're in for a good one. This definitely takes the cake.

One thing I thought I would mention - there is a good dose of humor in this game, usually with Melvin's sarcastic, if not crude remarks, so you can lighten up on occasion. Perhaps the funniest bit was at the phone where you could call the psychic. Calling him once in a while as you progress through the game will bring a smile to your face. I recommend it.

    As mentioned before, the gameplay is revolutionary for the OHR engine. This is the first game to have a fully working click and point interface, where instead of the keyboard, you actually use your mouse.

The screen is divided into the pretty square showing your current location, your handful of items, the possibility to save or load (in your room only), and if you click on C:\, you can quit (but why would you want to do that?). The bottom quarter of the screen is where the text is displayed, and a little box at the middle right is reserved for arrows. The four main arrows enable you to travel from room to room, while two slim arrows pointing up and down allow you to go up or down stairs, provided there are some nearby.

The gameplay is simple. Simply point at a location and if it is a hot spot, dialogue will appear. Clicking the right mouse button continues the dialogue, and left clicking continues to interact with your environment. You can talk to people by clicking on them, which will allow you to gain valuable information. You can also click on your items, which will give its description, or if you can get something out of it, you will be informed.

Sounds simple doesn't it? It is for the most part. Clicking away at most locations will ensure you progress the story, but when it comes to the puzzles, you better have your wits about. Simply clicking away is no good. There are a few that may stump you quite good, so keeping aware of information coming your way, whether via person or from environment interaction is essential. Fortunately, the clues and information you need will always be repeated, and you can always go back to where you think something important is and examine it.

This game definitely plays as an adventure game and on the OHRRPGCE nevertheless. You'll have a clickin good time pointing away, provided the puzzles don't cause you to go into a barbarous frenzy. The only issue you may have is the game is fairly short - however, this is fine considering the story, and does not take away from the quality.

    No battles in this game - it's not exactly an RPG!
  Map Design
    Beautiful! You'll be able to navigate around quite easily once you get used to the locations, and you won't ever find yourself lost or wishing the design could be more elaborate.
    Nicely done. The only difficulty you may have are with puzzles, but if you put your mind to it or just try out every possible combination you can think of, you'll eventually get it - eventually.
    Pleasant, and this game has sound effects too! This is a major part of the game's well circulated mood and atmosphere, and without it, this game wouldn't feel the same! Most of the music is original pieces by Artimus Bena and Setu Firestorm, and there are popular pieces ripped but placed appropriately. You will also recognize a few of the songs if you have played Purgatory, and with the game's intensely strong atmosphere, they fit here perhaps better than it did in that game. If you played Silent Hill 2, you will recognize a tidbit from there, placed well.

Sound effects! Now here is something new for a review of an OHR game! The sound effects are appropriately chosen, and really set the mood! From the sound of birds chirping in the early morning to the sound of rain softly but rapidly hitting the pavement to the sudden shrill jolt from a WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!, the sound effects will definitely set the mood. However, if you become a bit stuck from a puzzle as I did, the sound effects will start to get a bit grating as it continues to repeat over and over as should be deemed appropriate. Fortunately, this is not a problem once you get a move on. Sound effects are well chosen! Without it, this game would be on a completely lower level.

    This game is a hit, and I played it through all in one sitting and was not disappointed. I loved the graphics, I loved the atmosphere, I loved, but also hated how it set me in the mood (you'll see what I mean as the story deepens!), this was a quality way to spend two hours, and it makes for writing a quality review. Save the frustrating times from puzzles that seemed unsolvable, you will be enjoying yourself all the way to the end.
Final Blows
    This lucky game is getting this review just barely after it got released, and it's worthy of it too. If this review wasn't enough to get you to want to play the game, then maybe the screenshots will! I took screenshots of nearly every location and scenario, and they are a beaut! This was a game I well enjoyed, and I pray Friend will continue to release more of his wonderful games into the community.
Don't forget to call him every now and then for a laugh or two.

Don't forget to call him every now and then for a laugh or two.
Final Scores
Graphics: 10/10.0
I could not find anything flawed with the graphics, and everything was so well done, I can't think of anything to give it but a perfect score. This is what the OHR engine can do if you put some back into it!
Storyline: 10/10.0
I feel a bit awkward giving another perfect ten, but the story was so nicely done, that I can't think of anything to put the score down for. As the details fall in, the mystery will start to unravel for you, and you won't be disappointed!
Gameplay: 9.5/10.0
Again, nothing truly flawed, although the difficult time I had with some of the puzzles does bring the score down a little. If you like adventure games and want a few challenging puzzles to give a try, this is what you want to go for.
Music: 9.5/10.0
Superb pieces, most of them original, all well placed. The sound effects definitely give the game atmosphere and mood that draws you in, although there will be instances where you may feel a bit irritated by the rain pattering away, never stopping or such..
Enjoyment: 10/10.0
Forgetting the fact I had some trouble with the puzzles, I enjoyed it completely - except those few times it scared me.
Overall Grade: A+
Final Thoughts
    An OHR point and click adventure game - high quality, lots of fun. Just get it and if that's not enough for you, maybe the review will convince you. This one's definitely for the Book Club.

Oh, and a final warning... you do not want to play this game in the dark alone.

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