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        Vikings Of Midgard by Fenrir-Lunaris
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        Deleted Game by JSH357
        Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams by RPGCreations
        Purgatory100% by Friend
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Purgatory100% vs. Onlyoneinall
Purgatory100% If the title screen doesn't bother you in the slightest, perhaps you are bothered yourself.
Download: 798 KB
Play Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes
Review # 7 for Onlyoneinall If the title screen doesn't bother you in the slightest, perhaps you are bothered yourself.
Them's Fightin' Words
    You are Lewis (you can change her name if you'd like), and what seemed to be a normal typical day at college has turned into a disastrous mystery when an earthquake causes the floor to collapse on itself and everything goes dark.

What the heck is Bauer, that weird kid who's been stalking you doing on top of you? After you shake him off, you find that he has shot his friends, Mark and Dale dead. After an argument in which Bauer leaves you stating ominous words, he heads off and he's gone.

After getting a gun and knife from the corpse of his friends, you step out only to be encountered by a most inhuman looking being...
    The first thing you'll notice are how well done the graphics are. The atmosphere is set right away with the school building having been brought down, and looking like it. Debris is everywhere, the walls are worn away with the wallpaper peeling, there are crushed holes in the ground, leaving you the feeling that something big has just happened.

The rest of the graphics suit the game well. Everywhere you go; the atmosphere is set with its moody settings. You can even use the flashlight item to darken the screen if you'd like, adding a little more chill.

Walkabouts for the most part are done well. The small representations of each enemy are done well (no random battles) and you can tell each item from the next. The only one you may have a problem with is Lewis, since the way she walks is done very awkwardly.

There are no backgrounds in battle. In fact, it's only a black screen with a few boxes and only the hero and enemy present. However, this is done well. The enemies are creepy and detailed, and your hero is also well drawn. However, attacks are lacking, since there is only about one attack animation picture.

Overall however, the graphics are well done. One problem you may find is how your hero tends to disappear behind rocks and such because of the overhead tiles of the OHR. Other than that, you shouldn't have much of a problem.
    The intro of the story was already stated at the beginning intro of this review. This will give you the basic idea of what the story is like.

As far as the story presentation goes, it is done very well. As you progress through, you will encounter story scenes which will reveal a little more, but also confuse you more as well. In fact, nothing will make sense until you get to the end... but that is something you do not want spoiled.

The presentation is done well, but Lewis seems a bit disconnected from what is happening around her. While it isn't easy to express strong emotion in the OHR, the character could have been at least a little more shocked by some of what she has to see.

In any case, the game will push you on, revealing a little more each time but also adding some confusion into it as well, all the way to the end when everything is revealed...
    As should be with horror survival games, difficulty is a crucial factor. In order to stimulate the tension of death hovering near ready to take your life, aid must be difficult to find and battles must not be easy.

The game's battles take care of that. That will be explained later.

As for the rest of the game, you will be for the most part, solving puzzles and advancing forward to better understand your situation. Early on, you find a toolbox from which you can create different items you may need using resources, which are either obtained from killing enemies or by searching around. Searching around is more practical, as you get ten times the resource without having to fight.

For the most part, the thing that will keep you going in this game is to unravel what is happening. What may make you give up are some of the puzzles. While I had no difficulty solving some of them, such as the intimidating eighteen or so switched puzzle, you may find the infamous maze puzzle a doozy. The extreme difficulty of some of these may cause you to throw in the towel and decide all hope is lost, or go through extremely tedious trial and error in hopes of getting through.

The puzzles are more for increasing the gameplay time rather than really adding anything to the game. Box puzzles, switch puzzles, avoid the danger puzzles are all rather tedious, and while they don't really take away from the game, they're not very fun either.

Anyway, you will find the game to be difficult. Lack of infinite resources will have you on the edge, making sure you only get what you need and don't run out, because it is possible to be stuck if you lack enough resources...
    The battles are the reason you'll come face to face often times with death. If you run into an enemy, a one on one battle will begin, and there is no escaping. With lack of good defense and only an eight clip pistol to fight against these otherworldly beings, you'll want to avoid as many battles as possible. Enemies will start off far away, giving you a chance to get in a couple of shots before they start swiping away at you. You won't be able to take too many hits and health potions heal only a small portion of life, so avoiding battles when possible is best.

There are a few boss battles in the game which are required in order to move on, but these can be beaten with simple strategy. Also, note that you do not level up in this game, giving you more incentive to avoid a fight when you can, only fighting when you should, like a true horror survival game.

Overall, battles tilt towards the difficult side and in order to succeed, conserving ammo and health, as well as avoiding unnecessary fights will be the only way to win this one.
  Map Design
    The maps are done quite well. They are structured as they should be - run down schools feel like run down schools, and the shadowy woods feel like shadowy woods. Not much else to say, except that it's fine.  
    The game has well done balance. You won't ever be at total ease and constantly making sure you have spare goodies and avoiding the fights you shouldn't pick.  
    There are only a few soundtracks in the game, but they are done (by Setu Firestorm) very well, and set the atmosphere of the game. I can't say I didn't like any of the songs, they were all fittingly placed, and overall I would say the music was fine. I have no complaints.  
    Aside from getting stuck a couple of times due to getting lost or the perplexing maze puzzle, I enjoyed the game. The ending wrapped it up nicely and made it seem worth the trip, and hopefully you'll like it too.  
Final Blows
    Purgatory is a well done game that every horror fan should give a try just once. Aside from a frustrating puzzle and your character disappearing when it went behind something, this is overall a fun game and I think it'd be awesome to see it updated a bit for the newest versions of the OHR (hint hint).
What the hell happened here?

What the hell happened here?
Final Scores
Graphics: 9.5/10.0
Very nicely done. The atmospheric details are great, but talk about a funny walking hero and lack of attack graphic variety.
Storyline: 10/10.0
More or less, it is executed well and the story scenes will keep you thinking until you reach the end.
Gameplay: 8/10.0
As mentioned before, a puzzle may frustrate you to the point that you may want to just give up. Difficulty may also get you to give in if you don't like games that are a bit challenging.
Music: 10/10.0
I wish I had music pieces like that :(
Enjoyment: 8/10.0
Overall, I enjoyed it.
Overall Grade: A
Final Thoughts
    Can you make it to the end?  

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