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The Adventures of Hoshima vs. Setu_Firestorm
The Adventures of Hoshima
Realmsoft Interactive America
Download: 600 KB
Play Time: 1 hours and 00 minutes
Review # 2 for Setu_Firestorm
Them's Fightin' Words
    The lighthearted story of a young man entering his college life, and the adventures that entangle within. The Adventures of Hoshima is a multi-episode Sci-fi/Fantasy Action/Comedy that (I hope) will have you laughing as well as enjoying.
    The graphics, I'll say, were pretty decent considering that the anime feel was slightly accomplished. I noticed that Kounnosuke's walkabouts left quite a bit to be desired. I don't know about anyone else, but my brother, Fitalony, also complained about the face pics in battle instead of hero graphics.  
    The story isn't shown too much within this first episode, and slightly in the second. This is because this game is intended to be a long adventure that I may do better as an anime than an OHR game.  
    The gameplay, as Aeth would say, is the same boring OHR yawnfest. I wasn't impressed with it myself, but I hoped that the storytelling would make up for that.
I suppose .hack//OHR will turn out better gameplay-wise.
    The battles are pretty well balanced, except the common "Realmsoft" mistake that has you holding down the enter button `cause there isn't much else to do.  
  Map Design
    The maps, I thought were pretty well made, although the NPCs have serious issues that need instant therapy.  
    The game is almost well balanced, but hey! Game making is a learning experience.
    The music is all ripped from popular RPGs, although in Episode 2, Kounnosuke mourning over his father was an original piece that Sir Lionheart later used in Neo Krysta III. Other than that, I thought it was well placed for the atmosphere it was intended to create.  
    Honestly, my self-esteem is dangerously low, but even I enjoyed playing this game over and over again whenever I felt blue, so I hope it does the same for you.  
Final Blows
    In conclusion, I was surprised at how many people actually loved Hoshima considering the fact that I didn't really pour out my entire heart and soul into it, but hey, I'm not complainin'!

Final Scores
Graphics: 7.5/10.0
The maptiles were okay, the walkabouts okay (except Kounnosuke).
Storyline: 9/10.0
The story, since I already know it as the creator, so far is coming out nicely. Instead of telling an adventure of this person, I tell the person's life as the adventure works its way in. That's my storytelling secret!
Gameplay: 5/10.0
The gameplay sucks! That, of course, being my medical opinion!
Music: 8.5/10.0
Even though the music was ripped, it was well placed and used wisely!
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
This game is good for you when you're in the bad-mood-blues, so if you're in the mood to laugh in the midst of your troubles, then I'd recommend it for you.
Overall Grade: A-
Final Thoughts
    This game has been discontinued for the sake of the anime series *throws a pie at Realm Manga*, but I honestly think it would be better for it that way.  

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