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        Vikings Of Midgard by Fenrir-Lunaris
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OHR Paint vs. Fernurion
OHR Paint The basic Palette.
Download: 13 KB
Play Time: hours and 30 minutes
Review # 2 for Fernurion The basic Palette.
Them's Fightin' Words
    When first seeing OHR paint I wasn't expecting much. What I found was great. Though simple by drawing program standards, OHR paint is well scripted and almost bug free project
    For once, you create the graphics. For someone with talent (not me), it is possible to create some truly great Pixel art. Even those with no skill can produce something reasonable. The game has no graphics of its own, apart from the original palette.  
    OHR paint is simple to use, featuring a simple point and click interface. Colours can be changed using the [ and ] keys, and the shade can be modified quickly and easily. You can hide the palette by scrolling and lock the screen, a great idea. The only bug present is one that can delete the cursor if you click directly over a square, but it can be fixed with a key press.  
  Map Design
    No sound. It is not required. If fact, adding music would subtract from OHR Paint  
    OHR Paint is very enjoyable to play, owing mainly to the simplicity of it. The lack of bugs makes play very pleasant, along with the incredible replay value.  
Final Blows
    OHR Paint is a simple, easy to use program that can produce so decent pixel art. It is simple to learn and oddly addictive. The ability to modify the palette gives OHR paint an element of flexibility. A nice, well polished game all round.
A slime drawn by a no talent hack

A slime drawn by a no talent hack
Final Scores
Graphics: 8.5/10.0
Graphics depend on the person playing it. The option to modify the base palette is a nice touch.
Storyline: 1/10.0
Gameplay: 9.5/10.0
Simple and clean game play. And all bug free!
Music: 10/10.0
No Music. Its better that way
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
Very enjoyable with almost infinite replay value
Overall Grade: A
Final Thoughts
    A very nice, well thought out and designed game. Hard to believe it only took two hours to make. Make sure you share your creations!  

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