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Super Mario & Friends Adventure vs. Dr. Baconman
Super Mario & Friends Adventure Swearing makes all games cool.
Download: 174 KB
Dr. Baconman
Play Time: 0 hours and 11 minutes
Review # 1 for Dr. Baconman Swearing makes all games cool.
Them's Fightin' Words
    I had high hopes to having a decent Super Mario spoof here at CP, and I digress that those hopes were crushed by this game.
    Easily the greatest point of this game. Almost all of the graphics were colourful, detailed, and nice to look at.
Unfortunately, the Hero sprites were unusual and the characters looked more like they were waddling instead of walking.
The characters and maps, though, were still beautifully drawn.
    Mario's in Koopa Jail for some reason. So are DK and Yoshi.
The Koopas have changed their uniform style. Mr. Triangle appears out of nowhere. Your mission? Wade through some sewers to help some Triangle escape from jail.
[Which is perplexing seeing as how Yoshi and DK required no extra quest.]
A quick note: Mario, Yoshi, and DK speak modern English. That's bizarre, because Mario's almost always been a mute, Yoshi speaks with bits of the word "Yoshi", and DK just makes monkey screeches. Inaccurate, and Yoshi swears so much it's not even funny.
    In a word, boring. It's a simple array of walking through a labyrinth [not really] and dodging NPCs that will send you to the beginning of Jail/Sewers. Seriously. That's all they do.
Oh, no, that's not all. Sorry. Someone will usually give some sort of witty comment before running away like a little girl.
    Battles? Hahaha... No.
I didn't find a SINGLE battle in this ENTIRE demo. The weird thing about it is that there were stats included for Mario, Yoshi, and DK, along with experience point tallies. But not a single fight.
You don't even get to fight or see Tubba Blubba in here.
  Map Design
    Not really that complex. Sure, you might want to check how a map's designed in order to run past that Koopa guard, but still simplistic.
There were branches off of the main path, yes, but all of those were blocked by unbeatable NPCs.
They look good, but they're boring.
    Boring and repetitive maps with no battles to spice it up does not a good game make. I can't describe how difficult some of the NPCs are to get past, which basically made me want to stop grading this game.  
    None that I could hear.  
    It's mildly fun at first, with the exitement of rescuing some Triangleman, but very quickly the repetitive NPC-dodging, Yoshi-swearing, and overall slow pace made this game lose its 'fun value' in a heartbeat.  
Final Blows
    Sure, the graphics may be good and not-very-ripped, but come on! An RPG without random battles is doomed.
The NPC-dodging was apparantely an attempt to cover this flaw up, but that only made it more irritating.
What's more is that this demo is SHORT. I beat it in 11 minutes, and if you want proof, the 3 main characters start spouting Passwords for some reason, such as "DKNO.1" and "SCUZZLEBUTT".

Final Scores
Graphics: 6/10.0
Pretty good, I say. Probably the only redeeming feature of this game, but the Walkabout graphics need work.
Storyline: 2.5/10.0
It was going in a direction, but all the time it made me ask "Why?," "What's the point?," and "Why is Yoshi swearing so much instead of saying 'Yoshi'?"
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
Too short. No random battles. Boring NPC-Dodging.
Music: 1/10.0
Enjoyment: 1.5/10.0
That's 11 minutes I could have spent working on my own RPG.
Overall Grade: D-
Final Thoughts
    I seriously don't recommend this game unless if you dislike Random Battles and enjoy frustrating Dodging of NPCs.  

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