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 1) 2 hits
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Mr. T's Fantastic Adventure! vs. Fernurion
Mr. T's Fantastic Adventure! It's Mr T and guest star Seth!
Download: 1.61 MB
Play Time: hours and minutes
Review # 1 for Fernurion It's Mr T and guest star Seth!
Them's Fightin' Words
    True to the description, Mr T's Fantastic Adventure is a joke game that does not skip The essential element of good gameplay. The whole concept starts of giving a nostalgic feeling to those who have ever seen the A team. This changes quickly when Mr T discovers his old team is no longer up to the challenge.

    Most of the graphics for this game were suited to the type of game. The cutscene at the begining is nicely done with pictures sacken from the old A team flicks, as well as a few other places. The game graphics look great, giving the game the apperance of a serious game. However something must be said about the Secret installation graphics. Blue on black. After a short time it made my eyes hurt. Character graphcs ard effective, in some places using NES style colouring

    The story is rather straight forward; The new A team has been hired to take down a criminal organisation, namely, the Ninja Neo Nazis, or n3. They have, of all things, resurected Hitler. The bulk of the story is presented as a breifing at the start of the game, and develops from there. The story is simple and does not have any twists or surprises in it. In short, It follows the A team story formula.

    Being a joke game I expected sub-standard gameplay. I was plesently surprised to find that The game is fun and challeging to play. Each character requires a different strategy when fighting, between Mr T and his bazooka (complete with recoil) and Seth with his many gadgets, it gives the game great replay. The riddles were a great touch, (It took me ages to figure them out).

    The battles are balanced nicely and require a bit of thinking to win. As said before, each character requires a different approach to each battle, making them challenging and fun. Beyond this, enemy spawing makes thing even more interesting, such as killing a bear will just spawn another.

  Map Design
    The map graphics are visually appealing and give the game aslightly cartoony effect. most maps are of theside-view variety. The facitity map, while ugly, is laid out well and is easy to navigate. Battle backdrops are drawn at an angle, giving a unique look to the battles.
    The battles are balanced so they are impossible to win unless you think about whatyou are doing. Space bar mashing will not work, in some cases it will kill you faster. AS said before, each character has a different set of abilities, meaning you will have to change tactics for each.
    The music is well chosen and well placed. It sets the mood very well. However it must be said that 'we will rock you' looses its awsome when converted to BAM

    Mr T's fanatstic Adventure has loads of replay value. Each character reacts differently to the story. Even those who have not seen the A team will enjoy the jokes.The battles are fun and the riddle system is a unique addition.
Final Blows
    Just a great game. Well written, well draw and well executed. mr T's FA is a game you'll want to keep playing over and over.
Blue on black. Baaad.

Blue on black. Baaad.
Final Scores
Graphics: 7.5/10.0
Great graphics, except for the blue on black are, bleugh!
Storyline: 9/10.0
A great story in the A team style. Who dosn't enjoy Ninja Neo Nazis?
Gameplay: 8/10.0
Balanced, challeging fights, not common in joke games
Music: 9/10.0
Well chosen and Well executed. I makes the game twice as good!
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
Playable again and again.
Overall Grade: A
Final Thoughts
    A real Gem, er, bling, of a game Mr T's Fantastic adventure is truly fantastic!  

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