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ignore, download khfan15's version vs. RedMaverickZero
ignore, download khfan15's version Watch out Aethereal! Here comes Surlaw!
Download: 261B
Play Time: hours and 15 minutes
Review # 49 for RedMaverickZero Watch out Aethereal! Here comes Surlaw!
Them's Fightin' Words
    OHR House was the first game I remember seeing that could stir up the community. Everyone seemed to be involved, and it gave JSH a name for himself. He developed a reputation that seemed none could ever match. However, this season on OHR House, there are two more aspiring writers to the cleverly written story. Uncommon and Gizmog happen to be the newest writers. And with an entirely new team to work on graphics alone, you'd figure it couldn't get any better? Heh, it does.
    In the beginning, I recall competing with Machu for the role of graphical artist of OHR House 2 : Hawaii, and to be flat out honest, he completely destroyed me. And if you have seen even a couple minutes of this first episode, you will see why. One thing JSH wanted, was for the graphics to be simple, but detailed. And Machu hits this one right on the button. The walls are beautiful, with about 3 different shadings. The floor tiles look like actual bamboo and wood. And one thing, which is probably the nicest touch, is the wall outlines. The crumbled up bamboo and palm leaves. Excellent. It captivates the entire atmosphere of a house on the islands.

I believe the job of NPCs was divided amongst Uncommon and JSH. If you have seen OHR House Season 1, then you will recognize a couple of the sprites. Such as Gizmog, ChaosNyte, and JSH. And from Thanksgiving Quest there's a couple. However, the majority of these are new. The two different styles blend well together. Every character looks unique. RMZ is the most intriguing and unusual to look at. From a front and back glance he looks wonderful. But the only sprites of him that bug me are the side ones. I totally get the aspect of him being flat on the side. Since he is a towel, but his eyes stick out... Anyways, the attention to detail in the sprites is astounding. RMZ's eyes are blood shot, Surlaw has all the features of his emotional shot, and Gilbert is in a full Elvis suit. The entire lot is wonderful. Truly these are some of the best graphics to be produced. The team works, overall excellent together. Great job.
    It's your classic suspense television/internet program. You have your liars, your innocent characters, your competitive ones, and of course, the single stoner. Heh. But it starts off describing just how the new judge is hired. And it's a wonderful side story. About Adolf Hitler being punished for what he has done in past JSH games. Excellent.

Each character has their own personality that adds to the stew. I mean, first there's Uncommon who thinks he's better than everyone is, and then Wiz, the sick pervert. It seems like from the very beginning the characters have an instant chemistry. Due to Poptart stating that there was less action that he'd like to see, him and Gilbert instantly appeared to be rivals. Which was an excellent idea. The two perform well together. And then there's the annoying Aethereal, who... WILL........ NOT...... SHUT UP! I swear the second time I watched this, I just ignored all of his text boxes. So whenever Surlaw came around and started harassing him, it made me chuckle. Another excellent example of perfect chemistry. Then there's ChaosNyte. Who starts right off the bat, being a jerk. He treats other housemates like they are beneath him. And he is playing the game to win, and you can tell. As he starts right off the bat, making alliances, and messing with innocent character's minds. Poor RMZ, doesn't have a clue what's going on. He probably doesn't even know he's in the house... And CN is taking full advantage of it. Bastard.

I am overall, ecstatic over the amount of chemistry that this team has placed into this season's characters. Great job.
  Map Design
    The rooms were in correct proportion. And that made them all look great. The living room was big, which made sense, as was the welcome room. No need to ramble on, they were all in perfect perspective!
    The soundtrack is just as well selected as it was in the first season. There are a few returning songs, but for the most part, the new ones rock. RMZ's isn't exactly as some thought as stoner music, but it captivates the lack of direction perfectly. It's one of those songs like ChaosNyte's that just makes you grin till your face hurts. Another one that stands out is Uncommon's. It's a great tune to follow along with, along with Gilbert. They portray the characters, and as any OHR House fan will remember, the music is vital to the show. Without music, you're only watching half of the program. Congratulations JSH, on yet another fantastic theme selection.
    I think OHR House is probably one of the best things to come from the O.H.RPG.C.E. in a long time. Or at least since I have been using it. And some people tend to believe that the sequel of a game is never as good as the first. To be honest, this season is just as good or better than the first. And seeing new faces, and old ones alike, makes the overall enjoyment excellent.
Final Blows
    I love the characters, the graphics, everything. You guys know exactly what you are doing, there is no doubt about that at all. And despite how long it will take for each new episode, I think it's a good idea, because it enhances the hype. I know that together you will make a season of OHR House that will never be forgotten. I would say the thing I look forward to most, is what the other writers will do with what Uncommon started with.
Rivals have been made, and only in the first week!

Rivals have been made, and only in the first week!
Final Scores
Graphics: 9/10.0
Wonderful, this is truly teamwork at it's finest!
Storyline: 9.5/10.0
Lies, tales of deception, and everything you could ask for in a dramatic story.
Gameplay: 1/10.0
Music: 10/10.0
The music can make or break a game. And the music in this season makes the game along with its wonderfully well written dialogue.
Enjoyment: 10/10.0
It's like OHR House 1 all over again. The hype, the involvement! What more could you want?!
Overall Grade: A+
Final Thoughts
    Week One-Meet the new cast!  

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