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Bandit Revolver vs. no_shot
Bandit Revolver Get used to looking at this.
Rolling Stone
Download: 3.81 MB
Play Time: hours and 36 minutes
Review # 3 for no_shot Get used to looking at this.
Them's Fightin' Words
    I've always loved Rolling Stone's (who hasn't?) lone-gunman type adventures, and he has brought us yet another one! Bandit Revolver features not-bad NES-style graphics, and possibly hours of desert-roaming.

    For the most part the graphics were painfully primitive, but some of them were OK. I like how the title screen parodies the final fantasy 1 title screen.

    You're a bounty hunter who's out to make it for himself. There's various criminals and gangs that need to be vanquished, for a reward, and you seem to be the only man around for the job. So with your trusty pistol and wits about you, you set out to rid Rolling Stone desert of these scum!

    It was your classic shoot-em-up, RPG style. You basically have to search around and accomplish missions before moving on to the next. This one felt more like Wandering Hamster than R.S.' previous releases...I don't know, maybe it was the "plot rocks" at the entrance to the mountain.

    Bull Head Joe & The Oxen Gang - Insanely easy.

Rough, mean monsters - WHAT MONSTERS?! I kept talking to that guy and got 99 elixirs for nothing? What a disappointment.

Tin can shooting gallery - The main character's aim is so horrible in this battle, it took forever. I put my webcam on top of the spacebar and did something else for 15 minutes.

Lightning Ran - He sure did...after one measly rifle shot.

  Map Design
    I spent 90% of the game wishing there was a run button, or a camel or something that would get me around faster. The main map is painfully huge, and has very little detail with which to guide you to each destination. You have to rely almost entirely on the minimap. Inside the buildings are just little rooms that have pianos and tables in them (I noted the reverse view as you enter some buildings, like as if there was a different camera-angle. It added a cool movie-like effect). I liked the big rocky cave for some reason.

    Battles range from easy, as in one shot and the bad guy's dead, to hard, as in you have a one-in-a-million chance of hitting that tin can! The map is HUGE, and the main character moves at a snail's pace, which gets to be a little frustrating.

    There was only one song in the game, and it was something I didn't recognize, but I liked it.

    It kept me interested. I didn't enjoy wandering around in the desert so much, but the brevity of the game overall was what made up for it. It wasn't too challenging, but it was fun to wonder what your next mission was, and where exactly you were going to end up.

Final Blows
    This game was interesting, even if it was lacking in some areas. It seemed like more emphasis was put on graphics than on gameplay, but it had a nice cowboy-adventure plot.

The only cactus in the whole desert?  Something's not kosher, here...

The only cactus in the whole desert? Something's not kosher, here...
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
8-bit quality, but nicely drawn.
Storyline: 5.5/10.0
Exciting, suspenseful, but there didn't seem to be much resolution to the story.
Gameplay: 4/10.0
I felt incredibly disadvantaged all the way through, but somehow I made it with less trouble (and groaning) than I expected.
Music: 4/10.0
I wish there were more of it...
Enjoyment: 5/10.0
More effort in the graphics department made it appealing to the eyes, but it just wasn't a whole load of fun.
Overall Grade: C+
Final Thoughts
    None, really.  

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