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Shadowiii vs Santa Barbara Airport DX vs. RedMaverickZero
Shadowiii vs Santa Barbara Airport DX That's right. It is Shadowiii indeed. With abscence of color and everything!
Download: 754 KB
Play Time: hours and 5+ minutes
Review # 48 for RedMaverickZero That's right. It is Shadowiii indeed. With abscence of color and everything!
Them's Fightin' Words
    For the Human Day Contest of 2004, there weren't a whole lot of games made. However, one of the last minute entries was Shadowiii vs. the Santa Barbara Airport. An interesting game that is quite similar to a game I recently reviewed "Zoidberg! A Musical".
    The game was 100% backdrops. So therefore, to judge the graphics is to judge these backdrops. First of all, it consisted of Shadow going to various places throughout the airport. The rendering of the pictures of him there are quite awful. I mean it is fantastic to have that much detail to be able to show everything like that. It's very hands on game directing. Something you can only do out in the field. And the adding in of characters that don't belong in an airport made it lose it's feel quite quickly. After I saw Santa Clause, and Rinku, I began to lose interest. However, the "Luigi" picture seemed appropriate considering the fact that Shadow thinks he is so much sexier than Luigi. Overall... the bad color distribution drags the quality of the pictures down dramatically...
    Shadowiii, a famous ohrer who has made many difficult games based on Santa Barbara, has went off to visit family for Christmas. With the holidays over, he must return with his parents back to Utah. However, along the way to his plane, he must talk to specific people and tell them where they must go, or else horrible things may happen. For instance... TERRORISTS! That's right, Shadowiii has to point out just who is a terrorist and who isn't in this sorting process. He talks to a variety of people including the jolly fat man himself to even everyone's favorite lazy Human Day judge.

    Various screens will appear asking you which destination the characters must go. Answer correctly to continue, however, if you answer wrong the terrorists will come and it will be a game over for you. So in order to get the standard ending and the secret one you must answer appropriately. The questions are pretty straight forward, and easy to solve. The only one that is a toss up is something you must know a tad bit of information about Shadowiii and his thinking that he is sexier than a certain character. Other than that it's all pure simplicity.
    There was no real battles you fought other than the brutal battle of anti-terrorism. But then again we're not George W. Bush now are we?
  Map Design
    Wuh? There was none.
    Wuh? There was no need.
    Wuh? No VDMS over here...:(
    The color rendering of the pictures really made the game look a lot less professional than it could have. I think this game could have had more potential though. It started off quite great though. Telling a man where to go, and then some abstract characters were brought in. Making it not seem like an actual airport. Had there been more actual people this would have been a bit more fun to play. Other than backdrops and the same scanned picture of Shadowiii used for them.
Final Blows
    Shadowiii, you are quite good at contest games, however, this is one game that is not near as appealing as the rest. However, I commend you on getting this done in a limited amount of time for the Human Day contest. You did your best work when you had a lot of free time to work on games and plan them out. I understand that you are best at serious games, but for a joke game, this was good for a change.
Santa Clause should have stayed in the North Pole during this Christmas holiday. Heh.

Santa Clause should have stayed in the North Pole during this Christmas holiday. Heh.
Final Scores
Graphics: 4/10.0
The bad rendering of the pictures and the misplacement of the odd characters in the airport really diminshed my interest and appeal to the graphics.
Storyline: 7.5/10.0
Fun and witty. Definitely the high point of the game.
Gameplay: 7.5/10.0
Very original. I like this trivia type system the more and more that I see it.
Music: 1/10.0
No VDMS on this end...
Enjoyment: 7.5/10.0
An intersting experience. I can say I laughed at a few points. Especially the endings which were quite.... nice.
Overall Grade: C-
Final Thoughts
    Not as good as Shadowiii's previous joke game(s), but this is certainly a game to check out.  

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