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God Damn, It's Dark In Here! vs. Moogle1
God Damn, It's Dark In Here! The title screen.
Download: 7 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 1 minutes
Review # 3 for Moogle1 The title screen.
Them's Fightin' Words
    In a world where light is everything, can man survive without it? Gizmog sheds some light on this question in this brilliant new game.
    Dark, unassuming. When I first saw this game's title screen (seen -- or not seen, rather -- above), I realized that the game's graphics were setting the stage for what might very well be the realization of my worst childhood nightmares. The in-game graphics (below) also really shine, fitting the game's theme perfectly.
    The darkness is all-consuming. You play as Detective B. A. Remus, one of the brightest in his field, as you try to navigate the darkness. I won't say much more, as the story is one of the real highlights of this game.
    Ah, the gameplay. Here, the game really shines. Gameplay is the heart of any game and Gizmog doesn't let us down.
    There are no battles per se, save the implicit battle of man vs nature. The comparison is too good to be missed.
  Map Design
    Who can really tell on this one? It's very dark. Gizmog does an excellent job of not making you feel like you're hitting walls at every turn, though, which is a real pet peeve of mine in other darkness games.
    Hats off on this one -- this is Gizmog's most balanced game since "Don't Push The Button."
    Come to think of it, I don't know if there was music.
    I enjoyed writing this review. You'll enjoy the game.
Final Blows
    I may never see darkness the same way again.
An action sequence.

An action sequence.
Final Scores
Graphics: 10/10.0
They fit the theme perfectly.
Storyline: 8/10.0
Without spoiling anything, let's just say that you'll be surprised.
Gameplay: 6/10.0
Excellent interactivity.
Music: 1/10.0
I'm not sure if there was music.
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
Well worth the download.
Overall Grade: B-
Final Thoughts
    If you're afraid of the dark, then don't play this game with your lights off.  

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