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Wow, this is Awesome vs. Shadowiii
Wow, this is Awesome Fight, hero, fight!
Download: 66 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 1 minutes
Review # 51 for Shadowiii Fight, hero, fight!
Them's Fightin' Words
    A while ago, Poodlez (a personal hero of mine) created OMFG TIZ ROXORS, a bizarre little game telling the story of a man who goes through a profound, life-altering revelation. Unfortunately, after conveying this epiphany to the audience, the man throws himself to his doom. The original "game" had pretty lousy graphics, and was made generally as a joke.

Years later, the epic is back, bigger and better then ever. Retro Studios took the beloved Metroid series and changed it into Metroid Prime, SDHawk took Put on Shoes RPG and made Put on Shoes: The Movie, and Machu took OMFG TIS ROXORS and created Wow, this is Awesome. Its appearance on CP came pretty much right out of the blue, which was totally AWESOME. The game is basically a "serious" version of OMFG TIS ROXORS, complete with some AWESOME graphics, good storytelling, and some of the best OHR cinematography I've seen (even if it is barely a minute long). Wow, this is Awesome is a rockin' remake, and is actually quite funny if you've played JSH's original.
    I must say, they are quite impressive. Though I can tell JSH based his graphics off of some 2d fighting games (Guilty Gear X I believe?), they are all original and all look totally AWESOME. The game starts off panning up a large cliff, starting slowly and them moving rapidly. The maptiles, though repetitive, look great. It then moves to a few cutscenes, which also look quite fantastic and are very well animated. Then is the final graphic of the man throwing himself to his death, which also looks great. Overall, the graphics are very impressive. Which is good. Why? Because this is a "serious" remake, the most noticeable thing that would be changed would be the graphics. Machu stands and delivers...the graphics look fantastic, yet still remind us of the original OMFG TIS ROXORS. Or maybe it's the dialogue that reminds us of that. You know what I mean.  
    As for the story itself, a man gives a motivational speech, while having flashbacks of previous battles where he uncovered the philosophy he is speaking of. After this, he plummets to his death. In this one it seems that he was wounded and dying already, while in the first he seemed to commit suicide. Ah well, story clarification or something.

The only thing I didn't get was that "eye" at the end. What was that, Machu? :P
    There isn't any, but I'll use this section to focus on the cinematography. You probably are thinking that OHR games cant' have cinematography. Well, you are wrong! Though Wow, this is Awesome won't give any fulfillment to those who haven't played OMFG TIZ ROXORS (well, besides the motivational speech), it is worth playing just to see how well Machu presents this. The original dialogue and "plot" of OMFG TIZ ROXORS was, at best, dumpy. However, Machu has greatly spiced it up. Between each text, the screen flashes (and I guess inverts?) and you see a brief flashback of the man's previous fights. Then it returns to the ledge, where the warrior is slowly approaching the edge while remembering these things. It then presents the next text box, and then the next flashback. The flashbacks are very brief, but it works out perfectly. Though there is no music, the film itself feels strangely...exciting. Like you can't wait to see what will happen next. This is something few OHR games manage to accomplish. This one manages to do it very well. I really enjoyed the storytelling. In fact, I felt like I wanted to keep going and see this dude's entire past!

That being said, it really is great, and really well done. I was very impressed. IT would be Awesome to see a "full length" OHR movie done with this much skill. But for now, this is the best we've got.
    N/A (no gameplay)  
  Map Design
    N/A (no gameplay)  
    N/A (no gameplay)  
    None. The first version of OMFG TIZ ROXORS had none (though the Special Edition does). It actually works quite well with music. An interesting touch Machu could consider is putting no music, but sound effects (it wouldn't be to hard, make a short sound effect song, and then stick it in the script at the appropriate time, then stop it at the appropriate time). Other then that, I honestly think it works better without music, as the game goes from slow--->fast--->slow--->fast in terms of pacing, and a constant stream of sound would screw that up.  
    I really liked it. I don't know why. It really is motivational! It makes you want to be AWSOME. I got a big kick out of it the first time I played it, having played (and reviewed) all of JSH's OMFG TIS ROXORS trilogy, which all start similar to this. Even playing it now, a few months later, I still think the "game" is really AWSOME! If you are down, get it! It inspired me to make Pitch Black 2 (ok, not really, but I did watch it a few times when I got bored of working on PB2 :P), and I'm sure it'll give you inspiration to make your projects. Never give up!  
Final Blows
    One must always trust in his or her own power. Only then may one become an ascended, or ultra, human being.

Never give up!

Stand adamant when facing any challenge!

That is all.
And the warrior finally rests...

And the warrior finally rests...
Final Scores
Graphics: 9/10.0
They really do look quite nice, I'm impressed. They do their job well, that's all that needs to be said.
Storyline: 10/10.0
Hmm, it's basically the same as JSH's game, but the storytelling is done totally different. I really like how the story is told, and since there is no cinemaphotography catagory, I'll give it bonus points here. Storytelling and presentation at its best, even if it is just a few seconds long.
Gameplay: 1/10.0
Music: 1/10.0
Isn't none. Could use some sound effects, then it would be perfect. But I'm actually glad you didn't put in music, because it probably would have ruined the experience.
Enjoyment: 9.5/10.0
It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed playing it. I recommend it for anyone who likes any type of OHR movies. It is presented so well you'll definatly enjoy it. Who knows, you might feel strangly inspired afterwards...
Overall Grade: A-
Final Thoughts
    Wow, this game really is awesome!  

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