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OHR Battle (original) vs. Eagtile
OHR Battle (original)
Cardcaptor Stacey
Download: 704 KB
Review # 63 for Eagtile
Them's Fightin' Words
    Good job! I quite enjoyed playing this game, it sported several features that really caught my attention. But first it would probably be best to outline some of the story.

This game is about people from the ohrrpgce message boards who get sucked into another world after clicking on a thread saying "ohr battle". From there, starting with Cardcaptor Stacey, you go on a quest to save this other world while gaining the help of Bobert, Figuer39, Herp, Moogle1, and Trowa. And more characters will be added later. With an eventual 6 heroes at your disposal, you fight bosses, journey through dungeons, explore a haunted house, split up and reunite, and save a town from total destruction. And that's just the demo!

Pros: -The opening sequence. It is a very interesting pan camera (sort of a scrolling star wars thing) plotscript with animated NPCs depicting parts of the story. -The splitting up and reuniting of the party. This reminds me of the great gameplay in FF3. By splitting up the party, you can give the player a bit of a break by letting them play with different teams. -The creative plotscripting. This has really impressed me, there are lots of parts where there are conversations between characters to solve certain problems, and then an interesting animated plotscripting sequence. -The time bomb sequence. The time limit really added a sense of urgency. I hate those games where you're supposed to save someone from being executed or something but it doesn't matter how long you take. Overall, I found this game used a lot of techniques that are used in conventional RPGs. I also thought they were used quite well. These plotscripting sequences really help keep the player's attention.

Cons: -The first part of the game, where you walk around in a field, finding ohr members who join you when you talk to them and then fight two bosses. This part detracts from the other, more creative parts of the game. -The haunted house. The haunted house is three floors long. Every floor is identical, and the pathway is really uncreative. -The story is a bit underdeveloped. When Bobert and Cardcaptor Stacey get sucked into the other world by clicking on a thread, I am left with the impression that it is kind of cheesy. Overall, I find that a lot of things are underdeveloped. I like where this game is going but i think some parts need a bit more work put into them. Squiggle enemies and dungeons are not very interesting.
Final Scores
Graphics: 5/10.0
I know the graphics were done by a variety of different people, but this makes for an inconsistent style. Some graphics (such as enemy graphics) are lackluster and need more effort put into them.
Storyline: 4/10.0
I really like the basis, but everything needs more development. NPCs that become heroes when you talk to them are not very interesting. I would also like to see more development in the part where the OHRer's are sucked into the other world. Some parts seem cheesy and more development is really necessary.
Gameplay: 7.5/10.0
The strong point of this game (at least, after the field of boredom). I really like how the party splits up and the timed sequence to disarm the bomb. But especially at the beginning of the game, battles are way too long, boring, and easy.
Music: 7/10.0
Some seems to be original, and some seems to be ripped from FF6 (3). I like FF6 music but often I found that the music was blaring out at me, pounding into my ears, or sometimes it seemed rather dull and monotone.
Overall Grade: C
Final Thoughts
    This game really impressed me in certain parts, but there were other parts that made me yawn, or yell at the monitor. I like where this game is heading but more work is needed before it becomes really great. I know I'll be downloading the next update.  

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