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Castle Paradox
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Shagler's Adventure vs. Ugimoo
Shagler's Adventure
Wade Kallhoff/Lucas Tetrick
Download: 244 KB
Review # 62 for Ugimoo
Them's Fightin' Words
    This is probably one of the worst games made for the OHRRPGCE. If I were you, I'd leave NOW.

Why are you still here? What do you want!? Oh, okay. I'll tell the review. But don't say I didn't warn you!

Okay, so you start out in the middle of nowhere, for no appearant reason. There's no intro, no story, no anything! So, if you choose to follow the dirt road down, you'll have a choice to go east or south. I went south. After going to a town, I went into the shops. There were three weapons, one shield, and at a bar, everything is plain MESSED UP. I bought a Rum, and you have to EQUIP it. EQUIP it on your body. Who's heard of a drink you EQUIP on your BODY? It lowered a lot of my stats, but increased some stats. (And even increases extra hits by TEN. Now that's odd.) So, if you skipped the fork at the dirt road and went east to the shore, you can go over to the horses. There, you can ride a horse, though it doesn't really help since it only helps you in a tiny part of only the world map. You can also visit the town, here's how it was: Bar: This place is SO messed up. Two people are both named Gelvin, and one guy says the bartender can get you a drink-the bartender actually says, "Hi, I'm Gelvin! Want to rest for 15 gold?" or something like that. Also, you can save at one of the beds. Weapon Store: Hey! The weapons here are the same as the other town! Armor: THE SAME SHIELD!? WHAT? I think you can get a Steel Shield, I can't remember. Stable: You can get a horse for free, but you can only ride it in the stable! If you go further down south, the town is so much deja vu I won't explain it to you. But, if you go into the forest (if you find it) you can find a lost boy. This is the only area where you can fight a battle. Wow. If you return the boy to an old lady in another town, you'll get a key (whatever) and some money. So, you can also ride the ship to the island to your east. Only one of the towns there work, though, which clues me into thinking that this game is a demo. THIS PLACE IS SO MESSED UP! Weapon: A new Fire Sword. Fish Store: Just like the bar, but with fish-yes, you equip the fish (Wouldn't they smell?) Watch out! If you go into the house with heads with no eyes outside, you'll end up in another town back on the mainland! If you leave, and go to the bottom-left corner of the town on the world map, you'll be sent to the forest again!

The music. Only on the world map and battle. In towns, you don't hear anything! DO NOT PLAY SHAGLER'S ADVENTURE UNLESS YOU HAVE TO. I WARNED YOU.
Final Scores
Graphics: 3.5/10.0
I can't say the graphics are horrible, but Shagler doesn't ever have eyes. NPCs kind of slide around instead of walking. And the map tiles damage the store a little, and the battle screen comes with the engine.
Storyline: 1/10.0
What storyline?
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
Oh, like there's any gameplay. Some places you can WALK on water.
Music: 2/10.0
Only two songs: Battle and world map. Everywhere else, NO music. Ouch.
Overall Grade: F
Final Thoughts
    I hope this game is a demo! DO NOT PLAY, UNLESS TORTURED.  

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