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Capacity: Illusions of Earth vs. Eagtile
Capacity: Illusions of Earth
Justin Lucas
Download: 134 KB
Review # 56 for Eagtile
Them's Fightin' Words
    This game is good, I recommend it to anybody. Generally, I would say something about the backstory in this paragraph. Unfortunately, there was no backstory. Every game can benefit from a backstory... or at least an intro.

Plot: The main character is a guy named Justin who starts in a town that he doesn't live in. It is not said how or why he got there. After an incident with some kid stealing the baker's bread, you notice a large boarded-up house in the Northern part of town. An informative citizen is nice enough to tell you that it is the mayor's house and he has boarded it up to keep a boy named Entrand (The kid who stole the bread) from stealing his money. He then tells you that Entrand knows of a secret passage into the mayor's house. After telling all of this incredibly useful information, he denies talking to you and refuses to acknowledge your existence. You walk around town for a few seconds (there isn't much to find) and have the option to buy a short sword or some armor. Realizing there is nothing else to do here, you leave the town only to be run over by a panicking mother. She claims her son Timmy has been captured by the rock monster in the Nocturnal caves. Having nothing better to do (like most heroes), Justin decides to go to the cave and rescue Timmy. In the first room, you find Entrand being cornered by a monster. You beat him with Entrand's help. Then, after questioning Entrand about stealing the Baker's bread and the mayor's money, he claims he has been framed. He claims the mayor is doing something evil in his house and that he simply used Entrand as a reason to board up the house so that no one could find out about his evil plans. Then Entrand and Justin proceed to save Timmy and go back to town. Timmy's mom thanks you and gives you an item that will teach Justin the skill "gut." (Don't ask me why she had that lying around...). Entrand guides you to the mayors house so that he can prove he is not a thief and that the mayor really is evil. You go through the secret passage and through the mayor's house. When you get upstairs, the mayor traps you in a cage and announces that because you know too much, he is sending you off to prison. That's the end of the game so far... *phew*

The storyline is well done in this game. It flows nicely and leaves you with many questions that will make you want to play more. However, the absence of a backstory or intro leaves you with many questions that aren't answered and really should be. The music is decent in this game. Some of it is taken from the engine, and some is ripped, and some is either original or ripped (I've never heard it before). There is a nice variety of music, however the battle music is way too repetitive and seems to be missing the melody. Also the boss music is normal battle music, something I cannot stand. Boss music is supposed to be different and catchy! The graphics are indeed great. There is a wonderful use of shading, shadowing and airbrushing. The enemies look realistic and the backdrops are great. The animation for the stone man is hilarious too. Gameplay is also good. Plotscripting is efficient and interesting and the battles are well balanced. However, the battles happen a little too often for my liking and the variety of enemies could be wider. Also, the first boss was way too easy.
Final Scores
Graphics: 8.5/10.0
Awesome! Great! Couldn't be much better. Nothing especially different from what I've already seen though...
Storyline: 5.5/10.0
The main plot is well done. Too bad there's no intro...
Gameplay: 7.5/10.0
Battles are well balanced and for the most part, challenging. A few more spells or battle options would make it more interesting though...
Music: 7/10.0
Definitely not boring. Placed well too. Unfortunately, it's a bit repetetive...
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    With a bit of touching up, this could become a great game, I'll be downloading the next update for sure.  

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