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Worlds 3 vs. Ssalamanderr
Worlds 3
A Stoki
Download: 907 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 20 minutes
Review # 1 for Ssalamanderr
Them's Fightin' Words
    As and Jac, the legendary dimension crossers, have travelled through countless dimensions, trying to catch up to the dimension speed rate, the rate at which new worlds are created. However, an evilfollows them...
Worlds 3 is still in the demo stages. It will probably only take you about 15 minutes to finish it. The game has potential though, maybe the next release will impress me more.
The graphics are decent, although gradient abounds. These aren't your typical newbie graphics. The biggest problem I had was the two main characters. For one thing, they're pallete swapped copies of each other, and for another, they have no face. It's hard to get to know the characters when you don't know what they look like. Also, in battle, the heroes face towards you, and not towards their enemies. The maptiles are better, though a little more variety would be nice. I liked the anthills in the forest area.
The battle backdrops are very, very nice, in contrast with the enemies, which are a little bland.
The overworld map is good. waves lap at the shore, and you can see birds flying and whales swimming.
    Not much here yet. After the intro, you are attacked by a shadowy figure (the infamous ???) sent by Rom (a general of Satan) who is trying to create a new religion with himself as god. Their isn't much else, but there is enough to get you mildly interested with the story.
Unfortunately, the characters aren't very interesting. They seem to exist to make jokes and to fight evil. They both look the same, so It's hard to tell which one is which. Their identical personalities don't help. Spelling mistakes are abundant also.
    Gameplay was alright. There was a fair amount of items for such a short demo. The gameplay isn't anything extraordinary.  
    Not too bad at the start. But eventually it is reduced to a use your most powerful attacks on everything. some special attacks take no mana to use. For some reason, all of the random enemies are snakes (unless I'm missing something).  
  Map Design
    Other than the Overworld map, which looks great, the maps are pretty blah. The towns consist of an inn, an item store, a weapon store, and one or two NPCs. The dungeons (there are two) are very linear. To quote: "well, that wasn't much of a maze!"  
    The attacks are way too overpowered, and cost little or no mana. This game is very easy to finish, even the during the boss battle I required no kool aid (the healing Item). Serious work has to be done here.  
    I am BAM deprived.  
    Worlds 3 has a decent foundation, but I won't truly enjoy this game until some things are fixed. Major gripes with me are the unbalanced battles, the faceless characters, and the spelling/grammar. With some more work this could be an enjoyable game.  
Final Blows
    This game has some potential, but until a longer version comes out that is all it has. Major flaws, such as the faceless characters, and spelling, need to be fixed. A few large errors keep this from becoming a good game. The plot has me interested though, and it's not a n00b game. You may or may not like Worlds 3.

Final Scores
Graphics: 6/10.0
Way, way, waaay too much gradient. Faceless characters MUST change. On the other hand, the overworld is interesting enough, and the backdrops are quite good
Storyline: 5/10.0
Although the story line has caught my interest somewhat, there are too many spelling mistakes. The characters must be fleshed out more.
Gameplay: 6/10.0
Not too bad. Battle balance is the main issue here. Boring map designs should be fixed.
Music: 1/10.0
My computer does not play BAMs.
Enjoyment: 6.5/10.0
I actually enjoyed this game. A bit. There are too many flaws, and not enough game.
Overall Grade: D
Final Thoughts
    I wouldn't recommend downloading this until it is updated. Although the plot may be mildly interesting, there are too many flaws that keep this from becoming a fun game.  

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