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tribal fury vs. Gizmog1
tribal fury An island... MY island!
Download: 31 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 6 minutes
Review # 2 for Gizmog1 An island... MY island!
Them's Fightin' Words
    It's very seldom that I encounter a game designer who agrees, who fits with me on some higher level of existence. Sure, Hentai Quest makes my pants rumble, and I can't get enough Seizure Inducer, but these games pale to strike a chord with my soul in the same way Venxz has with his recent series of games. I will be reviewing his most recent, Tribal Fury, and boy what a game it is.
    The maptiles are so-so, except for the palm trees, which are the best since Mormon Mission. The walkabouts really do convey what they show, kinda, though not well. The title screen is absolutely THE best title screen in history, and I wish any and all future games by him featured it. The battle graphics are perfect, and demonstrate the theme of primitive tribal warfare to a tee.  
    Ah, the story line. This is where things get interesting. You're a black man in a loin cloth, with a spear, and the will to own the whole island you're on (And let's face it, what black man doesn't?).
You get to name yourself, which is always a plus, and after that, you set off to clear your island of all the other spearwielding black gentlemen in loinclothes who ALSO want your island. Looking at the island, it's not hard to see why. Gorgeous trees, and a seemingly full supply of lava. Boy, what a resort.
    This is also where things get interesting. You start alone, on one side of the island, and you have to wander about, stalking the other tribesmen on your island. Things are difficult however, as they move quickly through the brush, and are hard to stalk. You may find yourself lurking behind the bushes, fingers tightening around your spear, just waiting for your prey to make himself known, only to see him dash by as though his pants were on fire, and you have to set out in feeble pursuit. Fortunately, you can see the paths they frequent, and stand right there, waiting to trap him when he comes.  
    War is hell. You'll be facing men armed with spears and rocks, and all you'll have is your own spear, and a skimpy loincloth for protection. Fortunately, the goddess of war is smiling on you, and you can almost see her image behind you, protecting you, shielding you as you wage your war to dominate the island. The battles are bloody, and it really does make a wonderful rendition of the primitive logic of savage warfare.  
  Map Design
    The map design perfectly illustrates the beauty of the island, and helps establish some great chases through the trees, or across the beach, whilst chasing after some other man who lays claim to your island. It's in these portions of the game that things become the most fun, and the wonderfully designed island does it marvelously.  
    You'll overpower your first opponent easily, but after that, it's a war of attrition with the other two spear wielders, and it's not likely you'll survive all three battles. However, with a good bit of luck, I managed to defeat all my foes, and got to enjoy the splendor of walking around the island, knowing it was mine, and no mortal could take it from me.  
    My speakers do not work very well with BAM, so I am unable to record any notes on the subject. However, I whistled "Jungle Love" the entirety of my playthrough, and found it fit the theme from pretty well. You might try this.  
    I've gotta say, I enjoyed the cunning racial insight of the game. It's basically speaking out against gangs, and the modern black young man's primitive territorial instincts. Let's make love, not war man. We're not these people here, who don't speak coherently, and kill each other over an island, why do we keep acting like them? Venxz perfectly captures the futility and savagery of the streets, and sets it to a much simpler place, where we can better explore the theme.  
Final Blows
    I enjoyed this game while it lasts. I'll admit, it's a bit of a stretch, and it's not for everyone, but you just can't come out of a game like this without thinking. Venxz is truely a poet of our times, and a voice for our emotionally crippled generation. I can only hope that the Crips and the Bloods are listening, they could learn from his troubled saga of a man's will to have his own domain.

Final Scores
Graphics: 5.5/10.0
Mostly okay, but they get the job done. Loved the palm trees.
Storyline: 8/10.0
A savage war, on a far away island, without the logic of modern man. How can these types of things happen in our own sheltered times? Truely the mind boggles.
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
Fight off the entire tribe, leave none standing, then bask in the warmth of being alone on your own island... all alone... no one but the lava... oh I'm sad.
Music: 10/10.0
Couldn't judge, but I whistled "Jungle Love" the whole time, and it was a great damn time.
Enjoyment: 6.5/10.0
Any of the pieces alonge would be boring, but together, it's a pretty good social statement. Eagerly awaiting more work from this guy.
Overall Grade: C+
Final Thoughts
    Probably worth a few of your minutes, if you can understand the deep psychological theme Venxz is conveying. Otherwise, probably not even worth a quick playthrough.  

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