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Ondupe: Chello Master vs. Eagtile
Ondupe: Chello Master
Download: 184 KB
Review # 54 for Eagtile
Them's Fightin' Words
    I don't think a lot of work has been put into this game. In a nutshell, the hero is split into many pieces and I think you're supposed to find the other pieces... there's also something in there about a guy named muppetular... To tell you the truth, I understood very little about the story, although the idea of a guy riding around on a cello (that's right, there's no "h" in cello) is pretty funny.

The main problem is the story line, but the battle system is also quite boring and the graphics are either eyeless stick people or smiley faces. Additionally, there were probably only two musical tracks in the whole game and I think they were both taken from the engine.

-Despite an obvious lack of effort, there were things I liked about this game. Although I could barely understand the storyline, I could tell that it was pretty creative. I think if it had more development (a *lot* more) then I would have been able to understand it.
-There were also some imported backgrounds that looked nice, although they didn't seem to fit the battles at all.
-The maptiles also started to get slightly better toward the end of the demo.
-Lastly, although the dialogue rarely made sense, I found myself laughing at people saying things like "I ran into a wall" right before a boss battle. However, I may have just been laughing at the lack of sense that plagued every text box.
Final Scores
Graphics: 2/10.0
Stickmen, smileys, and bland tile after bland tile. More shading and texturing could add a lot to this game.
Storyline: 1/10.0
I thought the basic idea was interesting, but it wasn't developed very well. And later in the game I couldn't tell what was going on. I was fighting miscellaneous bosses for no reason.
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
I can't say I enjoyed fighting my way through battles where every enemy and hero had the same attack. More variety in battles could make this game much more playable.
Music: 3/10.0
There only seemed to be around two tracks. I didn't really enjoy either of them. Spending more time importing the music and deciding what tracks would work where could fix this problem.
Overall Grade: F-
Final Thoughts
    I had to use the debug keys to get through this game. By the end, I was very bored. The creator should practice more with the engine and spend more time on specific aspects of the game instead of rushing through. I will say one thing, I've never seen a storyline quite like this one, and with a lot of work (perhaps re-doing the game) I think I could enjoy this game.  

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