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The Relics of Ladon vs. Chaos Nyte
The Relics of Ladon
Download: 504 KB
Chaos Nyte
Review # 49 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    I don't know how Cube manages to do it. Three games, and the improvement on the old formula are minimal at best. It's like he doesn't see how to make his games any better. If you've played any of the Dimensions series, you've played Relics of Ladon. Which reminds me, I didn't find any relics in this game. And I certainly didn't hear anything about a place called Ladon. Hrm. I think "Angst ridden teen mercenary goes on boring adventure" would of been better, or how about just "FF8"?

Storyline- The game starts with some guy named Megethos, a mercenary/package boy, (hey, you've got to economize if you want to make money, right?) complaining about how it's really his day off, but how he's going to work anyway, because he's got nothing better to do. So he walks over to his boss's/friend's house and asks what his job is. His boss Kyle explains that Colin, another agent is a day late, and that Megethos has to go out and find him. But because Megethos is prone to "slacking" Kyle's going with. Whatever. After wandering around the overworld for a bit, you find a city and despite the fact that there doesn't seem to be a wall around it and that it's in the middle of no where, you find guards at the gate, who tell you the cities under martial law, by some people called the Sholets. Of course there's a storm drain near by, and Meg slips in, right in front of the guards noses. Apparently their under paid and dumb as bricks. Meg and Kyle wander around the sewer, killing slimes and bats. (Bats? In Sewers? Gah.) They run into a giant slime, and kill it, then head out of the sewer and find Colin. He joins up, and the team agrees to find out what the Sholet is up too. Well, not Meg, cause he isn't getting paid and risking his life doesn't seem to be to high on his list of things to do. So they sneak into the presidential house thingy, (I call it a thingy because thatís what it is.) and kill a guard for his key, so they can meet Diastasi, the guy from the intro. He of course rambles about fate, and then sic's his cronies on them. After a quick fight, Dia is gone, and more guards have arrived. So Meg and company hightail it out of there via the garbage shoot, only to be shot several miles into the air and land in the ocean. They awaken on a beach, and head to the nearest town, where were informed that the demo is over. YAY! Play time- 50 Minutes, making it the shortest game in the series.

Graphics- Walkabouts's a slightly altered style from the last two games, but it's really not all that good. I really suggest that Cube go check out Tsugomo's help page. Again, the enemy battle graphics lack creativity, and the bats almost force me to give you a 0 out of scorn. The hero battle graphics are decent, but you can tell there just altered versions of the last two gameís battle graphics. Maptiles STILL DON'T BLEND. Argh. Why doesn't Cube bother to get better at his art?! There not bad, but jeez, I know you can do better. Cube, rethink your style, your games arenít improving as they should.

Gameplay- Like in the last two games, Cube comes out with another unique battle system. Kind of like in Saga Frontier, you don't gain levels, one stat raises at the end of the fight. This is it's problem though. While I applaud Cube for trying something new, one stat going up per battle isn't nearly enough. I suggest two or even three stats per fight, since because of it's random nature, poor Kyle ended up with only 50 hit points. I kept having to heal him every other turn. You can see the enemies on the overworld, and choose to fight them, but it's really not all that interesting, because their poorly drawn, and just wander aimlessly around. Youíre given plenty of money at the beginning of the game, but few things to spend it on. Adequate items, but not interesting ones. Again, towns are sparsely populated, and filled with uninteresting people. I wonder that if evil forces did conquer onf of Cubeís worlds, that anyone would even notice.

Music- All original, (I think) and pretty good. Some tracks were a bit short, but that was really because some of the battles took to long. Very enjoyable stuff. After the ripped FF stuff from the other two games, this was a breath of fresh air. Good job.
Final Scores
Graphics: 6/10.0
...Stop reusing your old graphics Cube.
Storyline: 3/10.0
Better then in D4, but then, most things are. Go play FF8, it's the same plot, though only slighty less painful.
Gameplay: 5/10.0
Another new battle system,and more boring NPCs.
Music: 8/10.0
Great original stuff.
Overall Grade: C
Final Thoughts
    Damn it Cube! Stop making these mediocre games and work up to your potential! I KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER.  

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