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Castle Paradox
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    1) 5.0000
        AW - Unsettling Theme by Rimudora
        Bob the Gangsta by 8bit
        That Money [DEMO] by 8bit
    2) 4.5000
        Classical Dream by Setu_Firestorm
        AW - The Steel Angel's Frenzy by Rimudora
Help Wanted (48hrs) vs. Sk8termunky
Help Wanted (48hrs)
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Review # 49 for Sk8termunky
Them's Fightin' Words
    A sixteen year old going out and getting a job after he gets his car. Sounds really fun, eh? Well, not really. The music was very fitting, but the graphics were kinda bad. Only things that I spotted that was ripped was the music and this interview part. This game had some good points, but I'd say it was kinda disappointing.

The game starts out with a pretty decent intro. It caught my attention and I thought the game was going to be pretty interesting, even though some of the jokes were kinda lame. Then you start playing. You have to go meet up with the boss and go through an interview. Interview idea was kinda like the peace talks with Gestahl in FF3, if you answer the right questions, you get a cash advance. Otherwise, he jumps down your throat. I thought the boss was to harsh in the sense that he was so harsh, it wasn't very funny. Well, you go on to make a pizza. That was semi fun, except that you have to go find items to help you with absolutely no idea that you have to. It has no real hint alluding to it whatsoever. Personally, I didn't like that. After you make the pizza, if the boss likes it, you get some cash. Well, after he tells you to "GET OFF YOUR LASY ASS!", you have to go down to the basement to get the "special sauce." You go down to the basement, and there's killer mutant tomatoes, short order ghosts, and moldy cheese out to kill you. The idea was funny, but the battles were horrible. Some of the monsters were to hard, when others didn't even fight back. After you collect the special sauce, you meet up with Long, the ghost of a previous worker that killed himself to escape the job. He tells you he can show you a strong wepon that you can get your boss back with, and that mystical weapon is... a fondue fork? I thought that was kinda funny. Anyway, then you go back to get the boss. The boss encounters you and turns into his super mega ulitmate evil form, a big smiley face. The boss fight took WAAAAAY too long and was extremely boring and a chore to fight. Well, after you defeat the boss and make him your slave, you go on to take over the business and become a millionaire. The end.

Well, overall, I'd say it's pretty original and kinda funny, but not that fun to play. I recommend it if you have five minutes to kill, because that's about as long as it takes to play it.
Final Scores
Graphics: 4.5/10.0
Not so good.
Storyline: 8/10.0
It was pretty funny and original.
Gameplay: 4/10.0
Well, there wasn't much of it. The interview and making pizza were alright, but the rest was... yikes.
Music: 9.5/10.0
Ripped, but I didn't really mind it. I'd say it really fit the game great.
Overall Grade: C+
Final Thoughts
    Good if you want to kill five minutes.  

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