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Castle Paradox
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Help Wanted (48hrs) vs. P
Help Wanted (48hrs)
Download: 65 KB
Review # 48 for P
Them's Fightin' Words
    Don't expect flashy graphics from Help Wanted, instead expect a short storyline that will leave you enjoying every minute after the first. Donald, a 16 year-old wants to buy a car, and thus gets a job at one of those low level peon jobs that every 16 year-old gets. Of course, his new life will entail a deadly kitchen, undead preservatives, and a boss from hell that treats Donald with no respect. Unfortunately, Donald may respond with >=( or other faces within conversations. If you can survive those daunting newbieisms, you'll enjoy what this game has to offer. I couldn't avoid grinning as I watched Donald's arsenal of weap- er... toppings grow while ghosts pelted him with giant MOO's. The battles aren't hard, but they're not incredibly easy. Hooray for pineapples! At first, I was slightly disappointed that the game ended so quickly, yet deep down, I knew it was the perfect length. The ending left me laughing, a smile affixed to my face long after the game had ended.
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
Graphics are not the best here, but the artistic style is well-maintained through the whole game.
Storyline: 9.5/10.0
Help Wanted tells it like it is. Relive what it's like to be 16... unless you're younger than that. In that case, take a look at what's to come!
Gameplay: 10/10.0
Some of the most entertaining battles of my life! ...and they're not overused, either! Hero speed of 10 really helped the game.
Music: 7/10.0
Once again, I have no bam-playing abilities. Next category!
Overall Grade: A
Final Thoughts
    If you have 30 minutes and an open mind, sit down and play through this tale. It's definitely not one to pass up!  

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