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Miyan Island: Legend of Hya Part 1 vs. Eagtile
Miyan Island: Legend of Hya Part 1
Hyn Jowhai and Manman Vivas
Download: 230 KB
Review # 45 for Eagtile
Them's Fightin' Words
    This review is for an older version of the game

In general, A bunch of triangles running from a mysterious villain. Basically, There is some evil guy named Yako who is turning trees and rocks into tools to help him take over the island, however, even though he is wreaking havoc on the Miyans, for some reason, no one knows why he is doing this or what he looks like. It is also a mystery as to what these tools are. In addition to a confusing prologue, an irrelevant backstory tells you that there used to be some giant Miyans that were half dragon-half Miyan on the island but now they are gone and cannot save the island from Yako. Unfortunately, it is not mentioned how they disappeared or even how they even relate to the storyline.

You play a Miyan named Hya who, for an undeveloped reason, is the only one who can stop the evil Yako. The story begins with Hya waking up only to realize all his furniture is gone. After finding a note that says "Hahaha! I, the evil Yako, have stolen your furniture!", He declares "I'm gotta destroy that guy badly!" and proceeds outside to wander around for no apparent reason. You walk around town for a bit, listening to Hya proclaim in random places "I noticed something here!" and then being propelled into battles with circles, blobs, purple squiggles, snakes, and butterfly things that are just wandering around town attacking people when they walk into a certain purple goo patch. You talk to a few NPCs which say the exact same thing "We, the Blue dragon team, have assisted in keeping this town safe too." (What's the blue dragon team?) and a squiggly blue thing who tells you there is another Mayan who will help you and then disappears. Finally, a wandering townsperson named Yitsune joins you for some reason and asks if there is a place the two heroes can rest. Hya assumes his neighbour will let them both sleep in his only bed while he freezes on the floor free of charge. Hya's assumption is correct and the two march off. The next morning, they wake up only to find that everyone in the town is missing (Heaven forbid!). Before you can leave the town to find the missing people, Yitsune remarks that you must first kill a miscellaneous black thing on the other side of town (bad pan camera plotscript here) and you proceed to attack it. Yitsune's regular attack makes short work of him. The victory is shortlived however, Yitsune is soon killed by the monsters spawned by the black thing's death. Afterwards, you walk out of town towards a red object that looks vaguely like a boat only to discover there is no more game to play.

As it is, this game is not very good. The storyline is currently senseless and seems like a bunch of ideas thrown randomly together in the hopes that it will make an rpg. The storyline needs to be more organized and solid to make any real impact. The graphics seem effortless in most places as there are obvious errors, and the tiles just don't blend. The NPCs and heroes are just different palettes of the same drawing and the water animation is jumpy. The imported backgrounds are nice, even though they don't make much sense. With more effort, the graphics could be decent. Some music is ripped, some is taken from the engine, and some seems the be original. The ripped battle music is great and will keep you interested in the battles. However, I've heard the engine "tower" music way too many times and the town music sounds like a bunch of random notes melted together. I say, If you're going to rip music, rip all of it. Gameplay is probably the worst aspect. Although the battles have some sense of stat balance, they are initiated in random places for no reason at all. The storyline is not depicted very well with the game. The gameplay area needs to be redone.
Final Scores
Graphics: 3/10.0
What can you expect from a bunch of rampaging triangles?
Storyline: 2.5/10.0
Might have some potential. However, it needs a lot of work in order to become decent. It is however, very un cliche and original.
Gameplay: 2/10.0
Although there is a nice variety of enemies, if you're looking for gameplay, do not play this game.
Music: 4/10.0
Good in some places, bad in others.
Overall Grade: D-
Final Thoughts
    This game is not very good and unless the creators do some serious work on it, probably never will be. However, I did not find this game a chore to play. It's too short to be boring. If you have a few minutes to kill, download it, but if I were you I'd wait for the next update.  

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