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Neke: The Woman of Mystery vs. Chaos Nyte
Neke: The Woman of Mystery
Download: 325 KB
Chaos Nyte
Review # 45 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    Ah, Neke. International porn sta...what? She's an actress? Oh. Anyway, my favorite game from the 168 hour contest, goes up for review. But how does the latest offering from our favorite naked heroine rate?

Storyline: The game starts with Neke deciding to take a morning dip in her roof top swimming pool. Of course, no one can see her up there, so she forgoes the bathing suit. Her phone rings, and thinking it's her agent she answers, only to hear a strange voice threatening her life! At the second she manages to jump from her house before it explodes! She lands unharmed, and naked or not, our heroine is determined to catch this madman. Neke decides to head to the local museum, where her Aunt Barbara works, thinking that perhaps her aunt can help her catch this freak. Outside though, she meets three people hired to kill her. Lucky that Neke knows kung-fu, and she quickly uses her mad skillz to take them out. Racing through the museum to see if her Aunt is okay, she finds Barbara collapsed on the floor, dead. The murderer is all ready gone, and Neke hears someone coming up the stairs behind her. Without a second thought, she jumps from a third story window, and plummets into the sewers below. Neke then works her way out of the sewers, and finds herself in front of Studio 1B, where she happens to be filming her latest movie. Going inside, she meets her agent and director Piere. After talking for a bit, Neke suddenly notices a giant crab sneak up behind Piere. Before she can warn him, the crab stabs Piere, thus killing her agent. The crab them tells Neke he is actually a man in a crab suit, and to end this Neke will have to meet him at the twin towers. Neke knows she needs a weapon before she goes, so she heads to meet her friend Sthan. Of course, he's all ready dead, but Neke takes a pistol off of his mangled corpse anyway. She then meets the crab man on the bridge between the twin towers, and a brutal fight ensues. I won't ruin the ending, but let me tell you, it's a heart stopper! Dialogue and grammar were a bit lacking in the game. Still, it wasn't unreadable, and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Graphics: Very pretty for the most part. The museum is nicely detailed, and the island of Manhattan looks good. My only qualm is the bizarre way characters walked. Not at all fluid, kind of jerky. Still, an overall impressive effort.

Gameplay: Neke is more of an interactive movie then a RPG. The plotscripting is well thought out, though it certainly doesn't break any trends. Maps are small and well detailed, battles are few.

Music: VERY well selected. The tunes are toe tapping good. Put your volume up for this game.
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
You could learn a thing or two about graphic design just by playing this game.
Storyline: 6/10.0
Gameplay: 3/10.0
Not really all that much actually..just walk Neke to her next destination.
Music: 9/10.0
Great choices!
Overall Grade: A-
Final Thoughts
    Forgoing gameplay for movie-like storytelling, Neke still manages to deliever the goods. Give it a try. Just don't let your parents catch you playing it. =p  

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