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Me vs. Xerian
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Review # 4 for Xerian
Them's Fightin' Words
    Me is a game about a witch named Mimi who is a witch training in magic school. When a little bat thing takes her stuff, she chases it and holds on to it. Unfortunately, she is kicked off and she falls into a town. Here, she finds that the same creature has stolen items from the town. When she decides she will help them too, she must then take some equipment, and head out. Also note that this was made in the 48 hour contest or the 128 hour one (I can't remember).

Me reminds me of a very old game, Catman X. I doubt anyone remembers that old attempt of a side scroller. ANYWAY, back to the main topic. Me is a side scroller that I find to be pretty good. You scroll through climbing things and enemies attack you like in Earthbound. After leaving the scene and coming back, they reappear. You can pick up items which may contain magic items you can use to give Mimi spells. Also in town, you can hire a Mana Fairy and a Fire Fairy (i think) to help you in battle. At the end of each area, you fight a boss. The first area is a land with hills, cactus, and slimes. After you get to the end, you have to fight Korbat, the bad guy who took your stuff. Then you proceed to the forest where you find spirits who use different elements. Then you fight a golem and after that, the game says you can continue exploring. If you do, you'll find an unfinished yet explorable castle and if you reach the end, you will find a strange place. Overall, this was a pretty good game.

Graphics- Graphics are pretty good. I liked all the graphics and the way they were shaded was pretty good too. I really liked the attacks and the heroes and enemies.

Music- I really liked the music but I don't know if some of them are ripped or not.

Storyline- The storyline is decent. Witch in training goes out to stop a evil bat and retrive stolen stuff while training herself.

Gameplay- The gameplay was okay. However, the enemies didn't give enough money especially for hiring fairies. There were lots of spells and I liked mostly everything.
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
They're not bad at all. There not newbie graphics so they won't hurt your eyes.
Storyline: 7/10.0
Decent storyline.
Gameplay: 9/10.0
The gameplay is good, but the game should be longer.
Music: 9/10.0
I know some of the music was stolen but they were well placed and I liked the songs.
Overall Grade: B+
Final Thoughts
    This is a nice little game that makes an attempt to make a nice side scroller, and it did quite well. I recommend this to all!  

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