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Ecopia:Shadow on Perrep vs. Tooma20
Ecopia:Shadow on Perrep
Franco Jordan aka Zero Hour
Download: 1.52 MB
Review # 40 for Tooma20
Them's Fightin' Words
    An ongoing, secret war rages throught the planet Ecopia. In the region of the Sano Ocean, the war has triggered a great darkness to emerge from the depths of an island known as Perrep. If this Great Darkness isn't stopped, it would lay claim of all life on the planet. An orphan Herp named Chameleon is sent to the island of Perrep to investigate a mysterious signal. What started out as a simple reconnaisence mission turns into a long struggle for the future of the planet Ecopia. Can this evil power be stopped before it gets out of the Island? Can Chameleon's SuperPowers be enough to stop this evil force?

It is obvious some time was put into this game. The music wasn't much to love though.

The majority of the graphics were nice looking. He obviously knows how to shade. I LOVE the cutscenes. You should see what tricks he has. You could actually learn a thing or two about drawing if you play this.

The music was all original but, not the best. I find most of the music weird(I.e. the forest). The story is alright. You are Chameleon who is trained with Ion powers, sent to investigate an island known as Perrep. It ends up becoming an adventure to save the planet. At the end of the demo it seems to mock some FF games.

The gameplay is strange. The "system" is rather odd. You have your main attack as something to heal MP, and you use the spells. The battles are sometimes unbalanced but with a bit of time and patience leveling up would help(try level 14 >:`D). Some heroes start off at insane levels(The first ally is level 7!). It`s pretty interesting how you can chose between easy and difficult.

It needs for a few bugs and some other minor problems were fixed. Also, the dialogue needs help.
Final Scores
Graphics: 7/10.0
They are good but not the best. A little more shading would help it though. CUTSCENES RULE!
Storyline: 6.5/10.0
The story flows nice at some points but, sometimes it just seems odd.
Gameplay: 8/10.0
Battles are a little difficult at some times, however with a little leveling up this is fixed. The battle system is buggy. Some bosses need less HP and some need more. Great spell selection!
Music: 6/10.0
It is prety boring music. Some is good but not much. It IS original so I must give some credit to him(and his brothers).
Overall Grade: B-
Final Thoughts
    Three words: Colorful, creative, and fun.  

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