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Fantasy Under A Blue Moon Xv4 vs. Xerian
Fantasy Under A Blue Moon Xv4
White Owl
Download: 1.68 MB
Review # 3 for Xerian
Them's Fightin' Words
    Let me start off this way, this game is big. Very big, as in play time. You will find yourself playing for many hours. This isn't just one of those games you play half an hour to 3 hours, this is a game you play over 9 hours. Aside from that, this game isn't just about leveling up for about 8 hours. Most of the time is on having fun.

The game starts of with Podo Hyaku, discussing his nightmares of his father dying in battle by an unknown force while Kain Brentwood constantly butts in. Then you see a army in front of three people who are discussing a secret weapon. They are called the Legion Army I believe..... Podo then wakes up from the loudspeaker calling Podo and Kain to report to the main office. So you grab your katana (you have to do that yourself) and head off to the next room to get Kain. Then he gets his sword, and they head off to the main office. They talk to General Sal, and find out that Legion soldiers have been spotted landing on the continent and they were heading into the caverns holding the secret weapon. But then Sal tells them to get a gift he has for them down in the basement.

So Podo and Kain goes into the basement, battling their way through and they get to a treasure chest when Podo finds a rat biting on his foot. They attack it, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger then finally defeat it. They get their treasure and head back to Sal to report the problem. Then they continue to the caverns. From here, the basic story would be chasing down the Legion army and their general who seems to be causing many problems.... I think it's best you find the rest out for yourself, cause I don't want to ruin too many things for you.

This game deserves a worthwhile review, so I'm going to give you an extra bit of info................. This game stands out greatly in about every category, except plotscripting, which there isn't much of but the game is so good, I didn't even notice it (seriously).
Final Scores
Graphics: 10/10.0
Incredible graphics show that much work has been put into it. Just sheer incredibleness.
Storyline: 10/10.0
The story flows really well, you meet lots of people, and it's just great.
Gameplay: 9.5/10.0
Tons of secrets, lots of spells, many weapons, unique heroes, great dungeons, creative towns, plus, you will find this game to be over 9 hours long, and its worth the time and it's just not leveling up. However, the game is still quite difficult, as I've had a few problems and had to reattempt many battles, and some normal battles you can't run away from. Otherwise, it's just great.
Music: 10/10.0
I really liked enjoyed this music, but I never found out if it was ripped or not, aside from the victory music.
Overall Grade: A
Final Thoughts
    Difficulty and a few bugs are the only thing keeping this game from being really good. If it is completed, it will totally be an OHR classic or whatever you would like to call it. Get it now!  

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